Backup Ideas Needed Please.

  Big L 266 19:43 12 Jul 2010


I'm just finishing off backing up using my external Maxtor OneTouch4. Given the extent of my invaluable music collection,I would like to make a further two full backups also using two additional Maxtor OneTouch4s.I like working with them because they are simply 'one touch' once initial set-ups have been made.

Are there any compatability issues within my Vista Home Premium 32bit/Dell Studio 540 desktop that you could envisage happening please with all three external hard-drives being the same make and model?

Thank you in advance for your kind help.

Big L 266

  Woolwell 19:56 12 Jul 2010

Just a word of warning about the Maxtor. I have one and found that some of my backup photos were corrupted on it. Fortunately I had another set on a DVD. Have you verified that the data is OK?

I like to have data on a dvd as an extra back up.

Back to your original question - I cannot see a major problem unless the Maxtor Backup software becomes confused to which drive is which.

As well as my Maxtor I have a WD external hard drive which Acronis backs up to.

  mgmcc 20:00 12 Jul 2010

I can't see why there should be any compatibility issues by backing up to multiple drives.

I use Acronis True Image and my computers - Laptop, Netbook and two Desktop PCs - are all backed up to two external drives, although of different makes.

  woodchip 20:00 12 Jul 2010

Acronis True Image to make a Backup of the Operating System Partition. This will Backup everything on that Partition so if you have problems you can restore it to the same as when you create the Image. If the Drive goes down you can fit a new Drive and install the Image on that

  canarieslover 20:14 12 Jul 2010

Personally I use the internal drive plus a backup external drive and burn to DVD as I add enough to fill another one. Perhaps I'm lucky, but I've not lost any files yet and even if I did I have two backups. I number the DVD's and catalogue as I go so that I can find anything in minutes should I ever need to. Not quite the same, but my Creative software doesn't get confused dealing with 3 Zen Vision M's so I can't see any reason for the software for the hard drives getting confused, Each drive will probably have a unique ID number in it's firmware anyway.

  rawprawn 20:25 12 Jul 2010

Use Acronis

  Big L 266 20:52 12 Jul 2010


You've given me a lot to think about!

I've had a look at the Acronis but don't feel safe using an offline service for this. Thank you though for the suggestions regarding it,but I'm happier to do my own backups. I will enquire with Maxtor regarding possible confusion with the drives.

My Creative sadly didn't work in Vista canarieslover and there were no external sockets in the Dell to plug the external sound device into. I settled for an expense Asus Dolby internal soundcard instead which does the job of the Creative admirably.

Thank you all for your kind help.

Big L 266

  mgmcc 22:19 12 Jul 2010

>>> I've had a look at the Acronis but don't feel safe using an offline service for this

I don't understand that statement - what "offline service"? Acronis creates an "image" file of your entire hard drive in separate media such as an external drive. It can then be restored in the event of your hard drive becoming corrupt or to a new drive in the event of drive failure.

With it you ARE doing your own backups - the program runs in your own PC and creates the backup image in the media that you select. Acronis is probably the market leader in backup imaging software.

  Woolwell 22:27 12 Jul 2010

Agree with mgmcc. Are you confusing offline with an internet server based back up eg Carbonite? Acronis uses only your hardware and is very safe.

  Big L 266 09:22 13 Jul 2010


mgmcc & Woolwell....I will take another look at Acronis.My initial read-through made me assume Acronis was an offline service like Carbonite the latter of which I would never use.

Thank you for the advice which is most welcomed.I'll now close this thread.

Big L 266

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