Backup HD & Operating System for under £30

  neil_raj 18:14 03 Oct 2004

After a few posts asking for information on whether I could backup my HD and the Operating System, the information was that I could not. I have found some software that enables you to do this.
Go to click here and search for the following, Drive Image 7 PC Backup Data CD-ROM, it retails on their site for under £29.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:19 03 Oct 2004

xxcopy will back up all the system for nothing ;-)) click here


  rawprawn 18:20 03 Oct 2004

click here At about £27 the best backup system I know. I don't understand why you were told you could not backup the whole system

  mosfet 18:23 03 Oct 2004

Acronis True Image Delux...also costs nothing.
Works great.

  neil_raj 18:31 03 Oct 2004

I bought a laptop on ebay recently and although it had a licensed copy of XPPro I dont have the disc, my Dell Lattitude is making a bad clicking and cratching noise and keeps frezzing. Guess the HD is on its last legs. I have XXCopy will it ask for the OS disk? Thanks. NR.

  GroupFC 18:49 03 Oct 2004

"Acronis True Image Delux...also costs nothing" - where from pease?

  GroupFC 18:50 03 Oct 2004

pease!!! Where did that come from??

  rawprawn 18:58 03 Oct 2004

I have never used XXCopy, but I don't think it would have any reason to ask for the OS disc. Acronis does not.
GroupFC, if you find out will you let me know.

  dagwoood 19:16 03 Oct 2004

I did a google to see if Acronis True Image Delux was available for download as freeware a couple of days ago but didn't find anything.

I'd like to add my name to the list of members who would like a link to this s/w :0)


  TomJerry 19:39 03 Oct 2004

Acronis True Image Delux... was free, yes.

You can ask around to get a copy. But you may not be able to use it because it asks for on-line registartion, I do not thinking Acronis take any free registration anymore because a few newer versions have been relased.

It really worth to pay and get a copy of latest True Image.

If you really want free ones: xxclone click here, HDClone (Free Edition) click here, G4U click here, PC INSPECTOR clone maxx click here

  Caså 20:21 03 Oct 2004

The bought, Acronis True Image Delux, could not create & restore any better than the free one.Maybe faster I don't know.I have all the family's & frends images on an external HDD.

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