Backup hard drive discrepency with main hard drive

  EdwardH 22:19 14 Sep 2016

My 500gb backup hard drive is showing only 25gb left. My main 650gb hard drive shows only 150gb used. How is this discrepency possible? Also when I examine the I drive can only get it to add up to less than 200gb, the largest file being an computer image file.

  Burn-it 23:28 14 Sep 2016

Blocking factors and file sizes. If a disk is blocked at 32k even a single byte file will take up a whole block, There is often a huge difference between the sum of the individual file sizes and the space they take up on the disk.

  robin_x 11:29 15 Sep 2016

Make sure you can see everything

click here

Also try Windirstat

  Bazzaman 11:56 15 Sep 2016

How do you back-up to the backup drive?

Is it an external drive (in a caddy) and if so, do yo keep it disconnected when not backing up?

It's possible that the back-up software is doing incremental backups and / or multiple iterations, both of which could lead to the drive usage being higher than the source.

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