Backup Failed

  logrin 11:06 30 Mar 2011

I have MS Vista loaded on my laptop.

For the last week everytime I switch on my computer I get the message.Backup Failed

Is it important and how do I reset my backup. logrin

  proudfoot 11:30 30 Mar 2011

For some unknown reason Windows Backup on my Vista system has not been working for some time.
No problem for me as I use either Acronis TrueImage or Macrium Reflect which is free from click here to make an Image of my C Drive which contains my system and programs.

  proudfoot 11:37 30 Mar 2011

Sorry the link above is for the paid for version.
The link below is the free version and works fine for me.
click here

  The Kestrel 12:11 30 Mar 2011

Have you checked that the place you store your backup is not full. I store my backups on a 80GB external harddrive. Periodically, I get the backup has failed message and it is because the hardrive has run out of space. I simply delete the old backup file and start with a complete, fresh backup.

  northumbria61 12:12 30 Mar 2011

Check in SERVICES to see if Windows Backup is running - if not RESTART it.

  northumbria61 12:30 30 Mar 2011

logrin - for the benefit of those that use this Forum it would have been useful if you had shared the information as to what you did to resolve this problem.

  tullie 13:30 30 Mar 2011

Isent the post only 11.06 this morning?

  northumbria61 22:42 30 Mar 2011

tullie - not quite sure what you mean by that.

I was querying why the post had been clicked as "resolved" (by logrin) soon after I posted at 12.12hrs.
I was curious to see just what had solved the problem as many others may be.

  logrin 13:48 31 Mar 2011

Sorry that i didn't respond, not sure where to add a reply.

I tried the suggested site sent by st-clares.Itshowed up 1340 errors which frightenend the life out of me, it repaired 100.
still no back-up. I also checked services and back-up is enabled.

I am uncertain whether to buy the full program (how much?) and get it to repair my faults or to take the laptop to my local computer shop and get Vista reloaded (£40) as before or even upgrade to Windows 7 which you have recommended. Will decide when I have sorted out my budget for next year's hobby spending when my wife isn't looking. Any suggestions.

Thank you for all your help so far. I clicked rsolved automatically out of habit. logrin

  northumbria61 14:38 31 Mar 2011

hi logrin - are you getting any error codes when you get the "backup failed" message? And what version of Vista do you have?

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