Backup to external drive software recommendations?

  dazzlingderek 17:19 22 Jul 2011

Hi, first post, so apologies if this questions been asked before. Basically, I would like recommendations for software that will backup specific files, folders and libraries of my designation (not a complete disc cloning tool) to an external hard drive from my laptop. I would prefer software that runs in the background permanently, incrementally backing up files if changes have been made, rather than only at a specified time or by an action. (Sort of set up and forget type thing) The hard drive is permanently connected to the laptop. I currently use Livedrive which uses this type of system but backs up to the cloud, but for the next six months I will be without a broadband connection, relying on a mobile broadband dongle, so this is no longer a viable option. Also, I am more than happy to pay for the software. I am running Windows 7, 64 bit. Many thanks.

  Nontek 17:22 22 Jul 2011

I recommend Acronis True Image, IMHO just about the best there is.

  iscanut 17:38 22 Jul 2011

I just drag and drop my files to an external hard disk and run the excellent Windows Sync Toy now and again. For software I agree with Nontek, Acronis is probably the most convenient

  Mike_tech 08:27 08 Aug 2011

Handy Backup can do it well, it's easy to use and reliable sofware for backup to external hard drive and sync data between local and external HD.

  rickd 10:01 08 Aug 2011

I recently tried using western digitals software which does a permanent incremental update of the sort you want - problem is with this type of software is that everytime you restart your pc it scans all you disc (for changes) and this really hogs cpu (90%!!) for quite sometime, its also tedious to set up while it "categorises" all your files, so I ditched it in favour of Cyberlink Powerbackup with daily backups, tho you could shedule it for every hour I think. You can get a free 30 trial before you buy (£25)to see if it suits your needs. I also ran acronis for a while, but unless you are after mirroring your whole system its probably OTT (and it failed to restore files when needed!)

  gengiscant 11:26 08 Aug 2011

I use PureSync, I find that Acronis True Image, IMHO, is becoming to bloated.

Go and check this site out, I have always found the recommendations to be pretty good.Gizmo's

  john bunyan 11:39 08 Aug 2011

I use Freefilesynch or Synchtoy (Google for links) both of which will do what you want for data files.Suggest you group the files into one folder and synch the folder to your HD. For system you need a clone or image - I use Acronis for this.

  LANDCRUISER 00:36 09 Aug 2011

click free is the best,go to uk they sell them,they just brought out a new version all you do is plug in usb & it will back up the whole system &100 it cost me money well spent

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