backup data

  tricia321 07:43 17 May 2005

Hi all, how do I release the data I have backed up using a floppy disc for restoring files and folders before reformating hard drive, it says it has files that windows cant find!!
I think i remember a Zip file being able to help but cannot remember how to access one.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:59 17 May 2005

You will need to explain a little better I think.

Do you have data on floppy disks that you want but cannot access?

What operating system do you have?

  tricia321 09:02 17 May 2005

I made a backup when I knew I was going to use recovery disc so I made a backup with floppy disc but wheb I reinsert floopy disc after using recovery disc windows cant find file to open and extract data, can you help?

  tricia321 09:03 17 May 2005

I have xp pro

  Indigo 1 09:18 17 May 2005

Which backup tool did you use ?

  tricia321 09:19 17 May 2005

window xp pro, they have one in system tools

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