backup cd's

  1x11456 15:32 27 Jun 2004

is it possable to use a blank dvd in a cd-rw instead of using an ordanary blank cd as i want to back up at least 6 gigs and a dvd will hold about 7 gigs or so iam told...thanks in advance

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:35 27 Jun 2004

DVDs hold about 4.7Gb and the new dual layer ones about 9Gb. You will need special recorders to record onto any DVD. Why not just spread the backup over 12 CDs?


  ste_bla 15:39 27 Jun 2004

cd writers write blank cds

dvd writers write blank dvds & cds

so.. err no

you could buy a new dvd writer pretty cheap these days..

  1x11456 15:47 27 Jun 2004

thanks to gandalf and ste_bla for there advise and for saving me some money on not buying those blank dvd's...

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