Backup - CD or 2nd HD

  Bass99 19:13 21 Oct 2003

My pc is mainly business (and a bit of play). At present I zip back up to floppy disc, this is getting harder as file size increase.

I am very paranoid about one day my pc just not booting up, keeping within itself all my essential data information. The question is: which way do I go?

A second internal / external? hard disc for backup. Can it just be removed and placed in a new computer if / when my pc goes fut?

Or a CDRW, this seems to be favorite as I can just stick them into another machine. But are they suitable for this purpose?

Or other suggetions please?

  BurrWalnut 19:21 21 Oct 2003

If you're using a floppy at the moment it would appear that you don't have much to backup.

The cheapest option is a USB memory key (pen). You can get 128Mb for about £30 on Ebay. A new HDD or CDRW drive will be about double that.

  PA28 19:32 21 Oct 2003

Back up using as many modes as you can! A new hard drive is great - until you accidentally format it. Yes you should be able to remove it and install in another machine if you only keep data files on it (your application will need to be installed on the other machine's master hard drive). CDs - great, flexible and transportable. Only problem is that if you use CD-R then the data will be coded read-only and you'll have to alter the properties of the saved files (easy to do, either by editing the properties box or "saving as"). Consider CD-RWs if going this route - they'll work in any CD writer and don't alter the file properties. Or, as BurrWalnut says, a USB Memory Pen (or a camera data card, which is even cheaper once you've bought the card reader). The only caution on the latter is make sure you know where it is as the things can easily be lost - I speak from bitter experience! Personally I use the CD/DVD route and it's saved me a number of times - particularly with irreplaceable digital photos which I have a large store of.......

  R4 20:03 21 Oct 2003

CDR's are more reliable. I backup using Norton Ghost but it backs up the whole system (5 CDR's) but you can restore the lot or single files with it.

  accord 20:06 21 Oct 2003

Go for an internal CDRW I got my Sony from PCWorld the other month for £35. Back up to CDR but dont finalise or CDRW. Its by far the cheapest way of doing it.

  STEVE71163 20:25 21 Oct 2003

I like you use my pc mainly for business as i run a small cleaning company. I decided in the end to fit a second h/d and then i regulary use true image to clone my whole h/d and this has saved my bacon more than a few times.

Hope this helps!

  zanwalk 21:20 21 Oct 2003

Definitely HD for me, as they are relatively cheap these days and you can use a software program to automatically back up the files you need every day, thereby eliminating the need to remember to do it manually.

  Jarvo 21:30 21 Oct 2003

Having over 7Gb of docs and photos I use a external hard drive which I only switch on for backups, so if a virus gets past norton will not take out backup. not that I am on a paranioa but also back same up to DVD and store at my mothers so dont lose all in case of fire / flood /burgalary.

Paranoid Andriod

  woodchip 21:36 21 Oct 2003

You need a Extra Hard Drive for Quick Backup but it's no good if it gets pinched or goes up in smoke as in a fire. So you make a second backup onto CDR or CDRW using INCD or DIRECT CD by formatting the disc's and then use like a big floppy disc in Explorer drag and Drop you then take these home with you or put in a fire proof safe. THAT WOULD BE MY WAY

  woodchip 21:41 21 Oct 2003

And making a Drive Image Backup, Occasionally just in case of catastrophic failure. This can get you up and running in about 15 mins as the last Image you created

  Qmar 22:44 21 Oct 2003

'IN-CD' is nero . 'DIRECT CD' is adaptec.

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