Backup, Backup, Backup

  [DELETED] 10:04 27 Jul 2003

The importance of Backing Up cannot be stressed too strongly -pops- has said it time and time again and every day in Helproom we read of system crashes and lost data, the soundest method is storage away from your computer, External HDD are the Ideal solution,so if your hard disc crashes you are not isolated, I realize that purchasing an External HDD might be beyond the means of many users but think of what the cost would be if you had to use a Data Recovery firm and the loss of vital Data.

  [DELETED] 11:03 27 Jul 2003

i agree if i never bought an external hdd then i would have been sunk time and time again.

  [DELETED] 11:10 27 Jul 2003

Your pleas will fall on deaf ears or blinkered eyes.

I have given up any attempts at persuading people to do backups if the reaction is insults - which in several instances it has been both on the forum and by email.

There was another champion of the backup (as well as being a knowledgeable contributor in other areas) who no longer posts here because of negative reactions to his efforts.

  [DELETED] 11:14 27 Jul 2003

so are you trying to say that we should back up all our files then?

Just kidding mate

Good thread :-)


  powerless 11:19 27 Jul 2003


  [DELETED] 11:27 27 Jul 2003

I may seem strange, but I back up my documents to CD, but is there any way to back up my windows settings as they always seem to go worng after a few months and I have to reinstall Windows, system resotre does not solve the problems, mainly they ar ethings like the default search changing (when yout ype a search in the address bar and it goes to msn) and when yout ype a url in worng it will go to a load of adverts.

  Big Elf 11:27 27 Jul 2003

I totally agree. About 8 years ago I had to recreate a database containing 1600 records (now 2400) from scratch after a hard drive failure and the backup on a floppy was corrupt. I now backup to a second hard drive in the PC, an external PCMCIA hard drive (copied to my laptop) and CD (which is stored remotely).

-pops- I'm amazed and disappointed that you should get insulted after posting what is a sensible subject.

  [DELETED] 11:40 27 Jul 2003

yeah people should be aware of backing up, I am a novice compared to people on these forums, but backups have saved me hours of work from being lost.

  spuds 12:10 27 Jul 2003

Any suggestions to a good and easy Back-up method.Novice terms would be appreciated.

  [DELETED] 12:20 27 Jul 2003

A CD writer is good data backup, you can do multi sessions at your will. CD-R/W is not really worth it.Don't know if you can still get them nowadays, but a 120M floptical is handy for me.One per week on on the floptical and once per month on the CD.
Daily backup on essentials is done to 2nd HD via copy commands in autoexec.bat


  powerless 12:37 27 Jul 2003

It depends what you want to backup and how you want to do it.

If you have just a collection of files that are no biggrer than 1.44MB then you can stick them on a floppy disc. However backup to 2 floppies is ideal just in case you lose a floppy or the floppy disc decides it does not want to work.

If your files are over 1.44 MB but under 700MB you can stick them onto a CD-R. Two ways really...

InCD or DirectCD will format the disc, and you can drag and drop files of and on, however you need to use a CD-RW disc and not a CD-R disc.

Any new files or updated files just copy them over. But again do it twice. However CD-RW's have a bad repuation as in the data on them can sometimes be inaccesible making the CD useless and you can say bye to your backups.

So what to do? Well you can burn your files to CD-R (NOT a CD-RW) ... CD-R's are not expensive. Just keep doing that. click here click here

You can write to a CD-R as many times you like as long as you make it "Multisesion" as in you can keep writing to it.

When you've had enough of the disc you can "Finalise" it. Move onto a new disc...

PCA september issue will be good resource for this ;-)

If your files are over 700MB just use a 2nd CD.

You could of course use a DVD-R. The same applies above but you need a DVD writer in the first place.

If you have many files and folders. The easiest way would be to create two partitions on the hard disc. The first partiton would contain the Operating system and all of your files. The backups would be copied to the second partition. < Whilst this is fine, the problem is that if your hard disc fails you've lost everything. SO it would be better to install a second hard disc. One hard drive failing is likely. But two at the sametime is highly unlikely...

HDD are not exspensive and usally its best to get the bigger that you can afford. Whilst you may not use all of the sapce. At least you have it and you cant complain months down the like saying "i wish i brought a bigger hard drive".

There also is External hard dics..Same as above except that it lives outside your computer.

Now the daddy of backups is Drive Imaging. Basically you create an image of your drive and store your image on another partiton or even better another hard disc. If something goes wrong your restore the image so its as if nothing changed. Any files after the image has been created will be lost. But you can backup these files seperatly and usually there not very big. A BIG + Point with drive imaging is that not only do backup your files...You backup your entire Operating system. So when you restore the image you do not have to reinstall all the programs.

Basic - Copy to floppy (size permitting)

Novice - Copy to CD-R

Advanced and actually the easiset ( Image the Drive.

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