backup Autoroute express

  trickydicky 21:59 11 Apr 2006

I spent £50 on Microsoft Autoroute express, but a few months later I scratched it to the point that it was unusable. When I buy the latest version I intend to backup my discs ASAP. My questions are A: is it legal to do this B: I have been told by a friend that disc 1 would copy OK but disc 2 would copy but would not load! Any ideas as to how to get it to work.

  Forum Editor 00:02 14 Apr 2006

It's perfectly legal to make a back-up copy for your own use only, but I have no idea why your friend's disk wouldn't work I'm afraid.

  terryf 00:23 14 Apr 2006

what program did your friend use to copy?

  trickydicky 10:57 14 Apr 2006

he used Nero 6 I think. He said that it copies OK but when you try and install the program, when you are asked for the second CD it will not install it, it keeps asking for the disc to be inserted.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:34 14 Apr 2006

There are some "superhidden" files on the 2nd CD that do not get copied by Nero. so the software does not recognise the CD.

This is the way they protect against copywrite.

I copied the original CDs to the hard drive and run it direct.

  anchor 14:59 14 Apr 2006

Like Fruit Bat /\0/\, I do a full installation to the hard drive, and run the programme from there.

However, I have had no problem on occasions using back up disks for Autoroute Express, either for the 2005 or 2006 versions. I used Roxio Easy Media Creator 7; (don`t know if that would make the difference). The originals are kept safe and secure.

  Smiler 15:16 14 Apr 2006

Could it be a faulty copy of the original disc?? and cannot be read by the drive.

  trickydicky 19:48 14 Apr 2006

if there are superhidden files on the disc surely they would not be copied to your hard drive, and when you do an install from there it would still be looking for these files and still fail!! If your hard drive fails when you have the discs copied onto it you would still be up the creek

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