Backup & restore clarification please

  csqwared 14:55 01 Feb 2016

Am I right in thinking that if anything except the HDD fails (mobo, CPU) backups aren't a great deal of use? I'm thinking that in those circumstances there will be different drivers involved for the replacement part/s so therefore a system backup will not be of help, a new install would be required from original discs.

Also, all the updates would need re-installing, can they be saved as a separate file?

  Govan1x 15:01 01 Feb 2016

You could try and have a look at SuperEasy 1-Click Backup. That is free for the next 2 days.

  csqwared 17:13 01 Feb 2016


My point was, that whatever backup utility you use, if the mobo or cpu fail the OS backup would be useless as a new mobo/cpu would require different drivers. At least that's how I understand it. As rdave13 points out, the data backup is safe but a new install would be required.

Any ideas about re-installing updates?

  robin_x 17:44 01 Feb 2016

It is possible to Migrate one machine to another, but it's rather involved.

However this is not an excuse not to make System Images.

While you can't Restore them to a different machine, they can be Mounted and your normal and hidden data recovered.

  csqwared 19:37 01 Feb 2016


I do make regular images using Macrium Reflect, both OS and data. I just wanted verification that under the circumstances described a re-install is the only way of regaining the OS.

I have created a slip disc for my XP machine, which again is only of use on the original kit, and I do have original discs for both machines (XP and 7).

I have read about the migration/cloning process but, as you say, all seems a bit involved.

Thanks for the replies.

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