Backup - advice please

  [DELETED] 09:58 14 May 2006

I have just bought myself a 1GB memory stick and thought I could simply plug it in and click and drag files to the drive.

When I checked, none of my photo's had been saved onto the memory stick.

Also, I would not have a clue as to what else I should be backing up.

Does anyone have a step by step guide on how to back up a PC to a memory stick please?

Do I need to purchase software?

  Taff™ 10:08 14 May 2006

It should be that simple if you`re using XP of course. 1GB is not all that big if you`re trying to back up all your data - could it be that the stick got full before the photo`s were transferred?

Plug in the memory stick and open Windows Explorer. (Windows Key & E Key) Right click on the memory stick drive and select properties - this will tell you how much space is used and free.

Which operating system are you using?

  [DELETED] 10:22 14 May 2006

Windows XP SP2

I am using Disgo which comes up with U3 with the following

Installed U3 Programs

Lists the U3 programs that are installed on the U3 device.

Action Buttons

Lists the buttons that enable you to do the following:

§ Explore U3 Device: Opens Windows Explorer displaying the root directory of the U3 device’s removable partition.

§ Manage U3 Programs: Opens the Program Manager window in which you can view and modify installed program settings. You can also download or install new U3 programs from this window.

§ Status and Settings: Opens the Status and Settings window in which you can view and modify certain U3 device and U3 Launchpad Settings.

§ Add Programs: Opens a sub-menu that enables you to install new programs on your U3 device from a local file, the U3 Web Site or from a Partner Program Directory.

§ Help and Support: Displays this help.

§ About U3 Device: Displays the About window in which you can view information about your U3 device.

Download Programs Button

Opens the U3 Web Site download page from which you can download U3 programs.

Eject Button

Stops all running U3 programs and stops the U3 device. The U3 device is not physically ejected but can now be safely removed from the USB port of the computer.

U3 Device Free Space

Indicates the amount of free space on the U3 device.

I haven't a clue what programs I need

I managed to save files and have now found that I had not copied the file with my photos on.

What other things should I be saving to it apart from files (Excel, Word, Images etc.)?

  [DELETED] 10:27 14 May 2006

I use a 1GB USB memory stick, but I found it too small to backup information, I now only use it to store backups of a selection of photos from my digital camera, I can drag and drop files to it, try and format it(TO FORMAT IT IN XP DOUBLE CLICK ON MY COMPUTER, RIGHT CLICK ON THE MEMORY STICK ICON AND SELECT FORMAT FROM THE MENU, FORMATTING WILL ERASE ALL DASTA ON THE MEMORY STICK !) and see if that makes any difference.

Like Taff says 1GB is a very small size to backup information, an external hard drive would may be a better option for you, I have seen many people recommend this backup program on this forum. Also if you are running XP Professional there is a backup program accessable in the Control Panel.

click here

  Taff™ 11:01 14 May 2006

The Discgo software isn`t really needed for XP, it`s just a graphical user interface for XP with a few (useful) add ons. You can do most of the essentials without it.

As far as backups go you should think about your e-mails, address book and favourites as well as your other data files like Word & Excel. If you use Outlook Express you need the .wab file and .dbx files (Inbox.dbx for example)For Outlook you need the .pst files which are found in C:\Documents and Settings\[YourUserName]\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

Post back telling us which you use and we`ll tell you where to look. Alternatively from Windows Explorer click on your C: drive and hit CTRL+F Search for All files & Folders and type in *.dbx or *.pst for example. When the search results come up look for the files associated with your profile (User name) and right click them and choose send to - your memory stick should be ne of the options.

  [DELETED] 11:26 14 May 2006

Thank you for reminding me about the .pst (I use Outlook Express).

What about drivers etc?

There are about 30 folders which I have no idea what they are such as i386, KOCH etc.

Also, can I overwrite the existing files with the updated files of the same name without having to delete them on the memory stick?

I used to back up to my laptop but feel that is vulnerable as it may crash. As they both operate on XP SP2 I thought I would only need to back up folders I used regularly. Plus photos and music files (.wav & .mp3)

  [DELETED] 13:55 14 May 2006

I suggest that you consider a usb ext hd, use acronis to backup to this, I use EA8 program to back up all emails, OE and browser data

  Taff™ 16:15 14 May 2006

Outlook Express uses .dbx files and Outlook uses .pst files.

The i386 folder is the folder on the computer where the original installation files are kept. You should back this entire folder up to a CD and keep it safe.

The KOCH folder could be the default installation for a PC game or Intervideo DVD. Koch is a PC program publisher click here

If you have both a laptop and a PC you could do as I do and synchronise files between the two using a network connection. I also use an external Hard Disk Drive as terryf suggests - but perhaps I`m paranoid about losing data!

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