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  BLH 10:27 23 Jan 2003
  BLH 10:27 23 Jan 2003

Hi all
I've downloaded and installed the latest upgrades for windows XP, (which took a long time) so I would now like to back up XP with the upgrades to a CD. But I'm not sure how to do it? can I just open up my H/Drive and click on windows and then start backup? or is there more to it than that.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks Bri.

  scooby43 10:33 23 Jan 2003


when you mean windows up dates do you mean you have downloaded them manually or has the updates you have done been self installed from windows update?


  Lú-tzé 10:38 23 Jan 2003

Have you saved the updates locally or just installed them? If you have them, then you could burn to cd.

If not, there is another option:
If your system is updated as you like it, the best advice is to use Norton Ghost (my preference) or Drive Image to create a complete backup. This can then be used to return your pc to this state at any time in the future. click here for details of Ghost.

  BLH 10:49 23 Jan 2003

I downloaded them and they self-installed.
I've not got a copy
Lu-tze I'll check it out.
Thanks Bri

  scooby43 14:45 23 Jan 2003


Just to Let you know that you can Download the updates manually by clicking the personalise windows up date down the left hand side when at the windows update page once you have clicked the button another page is shown you can then tick the box which says display the windows up date catolog and then, to the right click the button which says save settings now you can go through the windows catalog and download the relevant updates for your Operating System sorry.

I meant to say the windows catalog option will then be displayed down the left hand side


  BLH 15:22 23 Jan 2003

Thanks scooby43. I will copy it.
Thanks again Bri.

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