hotwired 18:45 28 Apr 2003

I am trying to a back up of some file to a CDR.
Using the backup utility, when I choose the destination of my cd writer it throw up this error message.

The back file name cannot be used
Please ensure it a valid path, and you have sufficient access.

Can anyone please help out how do these backups to my cd writer?

  -pops- 06:28 29 Apr 2003

BFK files are Windows backup which will not write to CD.

For writing backups to CD you need an independent system. Acronis gets good reports on here and is being offered as a coverdisk on several computer magazines at present.

Personally, I use Drive Image which is reputed to write to CD but I don't use it this way, I back up to another hard drive.


  powerless 06:50 29 Apr 2003


click here


click here

These can be used to make backup to CD's...They have other features to.

The Easy CD creator is now on version 6. I have not used 6 but i have used the previous version 5. I found it easier to use than nero, but nero is excellent and when you get to know about CD writing Nero is a very powerful tool.

Make sure you choose "Multisession" this will allow you to add more files over time and even to update changed files. Finally make sure the CD is "Finalised" This will make the CD well finished with meaning you cannot write to the CD anymore. But it will allow the CD to put into other CD drives and read by other computers.

I think your using Windows 98?

XP has built in CD writing capabilites and all you have to do is right click the file(s) and choose "send TO" > "CD-RW Drive".

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