jtw 14:05 27 Nov 2005

Help. Am trying to backup c drive and get message from Nero that there is an error reading data (after it wrote to 7 dvds). Have tried to back up to external usb drive with norton ghost with similar error.
1. are the 7 dvds wasted
2 why does this all happen
3 does nero backup to external usb drive (can't see a way of doing it
4 any idea how i can back up the drive

  stalion 14:11 27 Nov 2005

this is a good program for backing up easier to use than ghost and recommended on this forum frequently click here

  stalion 14:12 27 Nov 2005

forgot to add use dvd-rw for backing up can be written to about 1000 times

  jtw 14:12 27 Nov 2005

Still worried that i can not get the pc to backup to what i already have.

  jtw 14:13 27 Nov 2005

Worried i might buy something that still does not work

  stalion 14:15 27 Nov 2005

acronis will work also if you have a problem with the pc try system restore

  pj123 15:55 27 Nov 2005

My C: drive is never "backed up". It is always cloned to a separate same size slave hard drive which is then removed from the computer and stored.

If my C: drive ever fails all I have to do is install the "cloned" drive as the master and reboot.

As I am on Win 98SE I use xcopy to do the cloning.

If you are on XP then xxcopy or xxclone can be downloaded for free from click here or click here

  €dstowe 15:59 27 Nov 2005

I would never entrust a backup to a writable DVD. I most certainly wouldn't use a re-writable type.

I wouldn't use a CD either. One scratch to the surface of either and you could have nothing more than a shiny beer mat.

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