Backtrack from XP to 95 -how??

  clueless4768 02:02 15 Dec 2003

I want to backtack my OS from XP to 95 but dont know how to (no fdisk obviously on XP).the reason for this being that I have software that is 95/first edition98 compatable(will not work on second edition) which is beneficial to my 4 year old son.Apart from the 'tinternet and using Works the operating system doesnt bother me.I dont play games on the pc - got a console for that.
I have tried the obvious (putting the cd in and restarting,changing boot up order etc.)but to no avail.
6 kola kubes to the winner!!

  gregori 02:53 15 Dec 2003

I don't run XP myself but I have read that it boasts a "Compatability Mode". That is you can tell XP to run a program to make it run your program as if it were under W95.

  andrew-216448 07:34 15 Dec 2003

windows xp do have a compatibility mode. choose the program, right click on it, choose properties, then click on compatibility and thats it. you can now run your windows 95 program on an xp os.

  Sir Radfordin 09:19 15 Dec 2003

If the reason you have got XP is because you have a new computer then I would be surprised if you will get it back to Win95 because there won't be old drivers for such new hardware.

Over the weekend I used my old Win95 boot disk to fdisk a WinXP machine without any problems. Can you not try that, and then install Win95 if you want?

I would however make sure you can't find another way around the problem first. What is the program you can't get to run?

  [email protected]@m 09:21 15 Dec 2003

In XP Help and Support, search for 'compatability'. It will tell you how to run the Compatability Wizard.

  Sheila-214876 11:42 15 Dec 2003

As Sir Radfordin says if your taking a step back that far you may well find that half the stuff on your computer wont work. Win 95 doesn't support USB. I have an old computer in my garage with a 133mhz processor, 24mb ram and an empty formatted 1.2gb hard disk, an 8x CDROM drive and sound card. No keyboard, mouse or monitor. If you pay the delivery charge you can have it if you want it.

  gold 47 16:41 15 Dec 2003

If you have a W98 or WME floppy put that in and choose to start system without CD rom support when you get A:\ type in fdisk and delete the none dos partition then create a dos partition
format C and reinstall W95 but as this OS isn't
USB aware you could have problems go for at least W98.

  clueless4768 20:04 15 Dec 2003

Thanks for the responses -
The program I am trying to run is Disney Magic Art Studio from the US.It runs ok on my work laptop (98 1st. edition)and had worked on and off on 98 2nd edition on this machine.However,it will install ok and run once on XP but when closing down it shows an error in DMA.EXE then won't start again,instead showing the exe error report.
I've tried the compatibility wizard but nae joy!
I've checked the system requirements and it says 95 or later but does not guarantee compat. with 2000.
My original 98 recovery disc is kaputt,due to a teething 18 month old!!I only have a OEM 95 disc.
Ennuye,how much would carriage cost to Northern Ireland - I may be interested as it would keep the wee man off this machine!

  clueless4768 20:10 15 Dec 2003

May be on to something - finally got thru to uncle Walts support and its a well known error,due to skipping the intro. by pressing the space bar!!Trying an update patch and will see what happens.
Thanks all

  Sheila-214876 13:51 16 Dec 2003

Having checked out a few websites selling computers it looks to be about £20 to Northern Ireland. If you are happy with that let me know and I will get it to you as soon as I can. You would obviously need a Windows 95 setup disk or Windows 98 setup disk to put the operating system on.

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