Backlight on laptop works sometimes.Inverter or?

  forevolution 19:51 02 Mar 2011

Hey guys, just a quick question.

Last Saturday I used my laptop and everything was fine. I packed my laptop into its bag and took a train journey home. When I got home the screen all of a sudden went off. Now Ive tried fiddling with the screen inverter and yesterday the backlight lit up for a good few hours. Thinking it must have been a loose connection I put the laptop back together again. However, its gone back off again. Its an acer aspire 5735 that i've had just short of 2 years. Pressing fn + f6 to toggle the backlight on and off the backlight will light up for a split second, sometimes maybe a few seconds before it goes back off. I do recall hearing a slight humming noise when the screen was on say 50% brightness but paid no attention to it. Do you guys think its the inverter at fault or the backlight, possibly even motherboard?? Ive really not got any tools (volt metre) so its very difficult for me to isolate. Dont really wanna get an inverter to find out its not that!!

Any ideas from anyone? What do you guys suggest?

Cheers people,

  robin_x 20:43 02 Mar 2011

My only screen problem was a cracked one. But I keep my eye open for useful bookmarks.

Hope these help.

click here

click here

  robin_x 20:46 02 Mar 2011

oh btw, I am sure you can get a multimeter these days for a tenner.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:10 02 Mar 2011

connection to inverter
sticking lid switch

  forevolution 15:02 03 Mar 2011

Cheers for the replies guys, much appreciated. Im now almost sure its got to be the inverter. Woke up this morning and the backlights been working fine?! Definately makes it difficult to isolate when it works one minute. Ive noticed a capacitor on the inverter looks as if its melted, hence the humming sound? Ive uploaded a picture what do you guys reckon??

[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

  forevolution 17:32 11 Mar 2011

Easy peeps..
Thanks for all the replies, just a bit of an update really. I purchased a new screen inverter from eBay, came in the post today. Sad to say that the problem still persists. The backlight just flickers for a fraction of a second when I press the backlight on/off switch. Really disappointed to be fair, it could only be either the backlight or the motherboard, and I think it could be the mobo. Pain in the ar*e as ive now gotta decide whether the laptops worth it...

Any other suggestions at all? Something else I could try??

Thanks people!

  woodchip 19:06 11 Mar 2011

Yes those have had it Reflection stopping good view but did zoom in to look at them as best I could. That is not right as can be seen, and they are not doing there job probably shorted out and letting DC through

  forevolution 17:27 04 Apr 2011

hey guys sorry about the delayed post. Managed to sort it in the end, needed a new screen as well as an inverter. The only thing now is that the new inverter still causes that hum sound when not on 100% brightness. Should i be worried or?

Cheers guys

  woodchip 19:37 05 Apr 2011

Its a cheap inverter, but can last just as long as a good one but its sounds like its not one of the best

  forevolution 19:52 05 Apr 2011

fair one lads, will just leave it. Got 2 years off the last one, will just ignore the hum. In another year or 2 i'm sure ill end up upgrading, need to get a new desktop too. Anyway fellas nice one for the input, something to chew over...


  robin_x 21:41 05 Apr 2011

Half the energy saving bulbs in my house seem to buzz or whine.
Seems like that anyway.

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