Backingup to external HD.

  Meshuga 09:34 14 Dec 2004

It appears too simple so it probably won`t work but If I go to "My computer" and drag my drive C icon to my drive F and drop drive C on to drive F would the contents of C be transferred to F. Drive F is an external 40 GB USB hsrd drive. Meshuga.

  TomJerry 10:05 14 Dec 2004

for data it is fine. But it will not be bootable. So if you want to backup windows, you need some kind of imageing (or cloning) software such as ghost and trueimage

  mattyc_92 10:23 14 Dec 2004

Yes you can do that, however it may take HOURS or even DAYS and some files wont be able to be copied.... Also your operating system and programs wont be saved.... You need to use a program like Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image for this.... Also the "registry" wouldn't be compied to the other drive, so as "TomJerry" said it wont be bootable... And an external drive isn't bootable in anyway for security reasons...

  temp003 10:24 14 Dec 2004

You will probably also get a few messages about files being in use and cannot be copied properly.

If your intention is to back up Windows properly so that it can be restored, you should try TomJerry's suggestion. Or, if you happen to have a dual boot of 2 OS's (which are not hidden from each other), you can boot into the other OS and copy C from the other OS.

  Meshuga 10:47 14 Dec 2004

Thanks to all, thought it was too good to be true. Regards, Meshuga.

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