Backingup e-mails advice

  GroupFC 10:47 11 Mar 2005

I have an old school friend who lives in France and has a number of gîtes (if your interested this is his site click here - this is a new venture so if you are interested I can recommend it and assure you that you will get a very warm welcome!).

He has asked me for advice about backing up his e-mails. I am using XP and the way I do mine is to find the .dbx files, copy them to another location, and then back them up. I then use a program called OE view to open any old e-mails that I want to see.

My friend uses 98 and the question is – would this work in the same way? An alternative would be to select the e-mails and then put them in a new folder and then back up that folder. Having experimented with this, this method only shows the subject line as the file name and my friend really wants to see the senders name when viewing the backed up e-mails.

Any advice or comments that I can pass on to him will, as usual, be received with grateful thanks

  ICF 11:06 11 Mar 2005

Try this click here

  PsiFox 11:06 11 Mar 2005

Win98 uses .dbx files too. Don't know wheter OE view is compatible with t98 though.

To save just search for .dbx and copy elsewhere.


  GroupFC 11:37 11 Mar 2005

Thanks both for your replies.

ICF, that looks as if it might fit the bill, although, having had a quick look it might just be a tad complicated for my friend! I'll have a play with it tonight and see how I get on.

PsiFox, that's what I wanted to know! I think OE viewer is compatible with 98, but I better check it out before I give my advice!

  Jackcoms 15:06 11 Mar 2005

Use the Windows back up facility.

If you choose to back up 'Everyone's Documents and Settings' that will include your .dbx files as well as the Address Book and a lot more besides.

  GroupFC 15:30 11 Mar 2005

OK but is that the case with win98?

  Jackcoms 15:43 11 Mar 2005


Just read your post again and I see your friend uses Win 98. That's one step up from parchment and quill pen, isn't it? ;-)

Sorry, not familiar with that OS.

  GroupFC 15:49 11 Mar 2005

Yes - but I still use a machine with 3.1 on it - that's like a tablet of stone!

  Jackcoms 15:52 11 Mar 2005

Touché (as they say in France!).

  keith-236785 16:00 11 Mar 2005

in OE, click file / export then move accross to messages, it will ask for the location for the files to be saved to (this can be a floppy drive,cdrw drive or another partition on his system if he has one.

then you should still be able to use the OE view prog (if it is compatible with win98) if not then im sure there will be something out there as win98 is far from dead yet.

  Ponkin 16:08 11 Mar 2005

Is 'backing-up' different to 'saving'?
'cos I just highlight and save to a CD. For some reason 'tho Only one at a time is possible,since using to Ctrl to highlight several, greys out 'save to'in File.

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