Backing up your pc

  Madronwell 12:26 17 Nov 2003

Hope not to sound too dumb but what is the best way to back up your pc?

  Kegsy 12:27 17 Nov 2003

select reverse gear and let the clutch out

  Kegsy 12:30 17 Nov 2003

apolgies for that, I'm just as ignorant as you so am curious to see the answers

Norton Ghost & Drive Image are both good for making an exact copy of your HD or Partition.

Another one I have recently discovered and is cheaper is Image For Windows click here

When you buy this, you get Image For DOS included, which you need to use when backing up the OS partition, normally C: drive.

  spikeychris 12:44 17 Nov 2003

You don't need to spend a copper coin. Depends on what your running but click here

XXcopy or Xcopy..

  scotty 12:58 17 Nov 2003

There are two main types of back-up - complete system back-up and data back-up.

A full system back-up allows you to return your system to a previous state by copying the all the information on the hard drive using drive imaging software such as that suggested by BJ above. This approach allows you to quickly get your system back if you ever experience a major system problem.

The alternative is to create a back-up of your data only. It this case, if you have a major problem you would need to reinstall all your software from the installation discs and then recover your data from your back-up (e.g. using the method suggested by spikeychris).

Both methods have advantages and disadvantages but make sure you do one or other!

  pj123 13:00 17 Nov 2003

Loads of previous threads on this subject. Here are 3 to look at. click here
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  Madronwell 13:40 17 Nov 2003

I would like to say a big thank you and give you all pint (if only!) to everyone who has posted; it has given me some great ideas and something to think about.

  pj123 16:25 17 Nov 2003

Going for a pint now, shall I charge it up to you?

  ThePharcyde007 16:31 17 Nov 2003

Norton Ghost is a bugger of a program to use. It wanted 21 CD's to backup my 40GB hard drive, now got a 120 gb hard drive partitioned so I can save my important docs to a smaller partition and any downloaded files

  Diodorus Siculus 16:34 17 Nov 2003

click here for a comprehensive guide to the issue.

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