Backing up with Windows XP (HE)

  bloggs52 09:53 23 Dec 2004

I loaded the backup utility from the Windows XP (HE) CD, but am having a problem after completing the ' Backup type, Destination and Name ' screen. I called the file 'william' say, but when I click 'OK' I get the following error message: 'The backup file name 'E:\william.bkf' could not be used. Please ensure it is a valid path and that you have sufficient access'.
Any ideas, please (and a Merry Christmas to all my readers ! )

  mbp 10:13 23 Dec 2004

As it stands, XP-Home, and I assume oem, is not able to make complete back ups. There is a work around, or more simply get a 3rd party back up program and save yourself the agro.

  anchor 10:26 23 Dec 2004

Yes, it is possible to install Windows XP backup from the HE.

click here

click here

I don`t have an answer though to your problem. I have XP-Pro and had no difficulty backing up to an external USB HD. I assume drive E is either a spare partition, or a second HD on your PC.

  GroupFC 10:34 23 Dec 2004

XP Home's back up utility per se can only back up to a floppy (next to useless!), or the hard drive. One soltion is to back up to the HD and then burn the resulant .bkf file to disc.

  bloggs52 11:46 23 Dec 2004

From Bloggs 52
Thank you all for your helpful replies. I was amazed to learn that you can't backup to a CD , as the latest edition of the magazine Microsoft Windows XP (issue 41), pages 26/27, suggests that you can. I suppose that I shall have to revert to backing up by dragging the files and folders to the E drive. It is slow, but it works !

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