Backing up Windows 7 [Hard Drive Crash]

  nawhdee 13:20 09 May 2013


My hard drive has slowly been dying over the past year, and it's become somewhat essential that I backup my OS so I can purchase a new HDD. I'd like to back it up to an external HDD, but as I've been looking up the subject, I've just become more and more confused. Is the Windows 7 Backup and Restore function not good enough/not capable for this - or is it only designed for personal data? Third-party programs seem to be the recommended path, but I don't know how to navigate the bevy of options I've come across. Could someone let me know if I should use a third-party software if my sole goal is to backup the OS (personal files are all on the cloud) as well as which specific third-party program? My computer illiteracy and I would greatly appreciate it.

  john bunyan 13:29 09 May 2013

If I were you I would buy Acronis True Image software. Then having done a scan for virus and malware on your Hd, and a defrag, You could ,in this case, make a clone of your drive on the external HD. Then you could get a new intenal HD, boot with the Acronis disc, and clone it back to the new HD. Others may suggest an image, which is fine, but I would do a clone in this case.


Amazon Acronis

  onthelimit1 13:42 09 May 2013

If a PC, you can use free Seagate software (a slimmed down version of Acronis) to clone the entire drive to a new one. Seagate site here.

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