backing up in Vista ?

  dyson 21:36 16 Mar 2010

Hi, I have always done my backups using norton but the new version I have bought doesn't allow me to do backups so I tried doing one on Vista but I stopped it early when it asked for a third disc ( CD-RWs ) in norton I only needed one disc to backup the same things. Can anyone give me some advice on what to do or if it is normal for Vista to use so many disks when doing a backup. Also is there a better way of doing free backups instead of using Vista. I also do a secondary backup on an external hard drive. Any advice would be appreciated.
John S.

  ame 14:46 17 Mar 2010

You could try the free Paragon software click here I noticed that on my XP desktop where I use Nero to do backups, compression is applied, saving 5 to 10% space. My Vista laptop where I use the standard Vista backup does seem to use more disks - not sure if compression is applied to the files, but I suspect perhaps not. Of course, you don't get much file compression if you have loads of mp3 and jpeg files anyway.

  ame 14:50 17 Mar 2010

You can save numbers of disks by using DVD-R's and doing incremental backups which fill up the last disk of your previous backup before prompting for a new one.

  dyson 20:55 17 Mar 2010

Hi AME, Do you mean I can keep using the same DVD-R or would I be better off using a DVD-R RW. Sorry for not understanding exactly what you mean its just that I thought using a DVD-R I would have to keep using new disc's for each back-up.
John S.

  ame 20:46 18 Mar 2010

Not a good idea to use rewritable discs for backup purposes. If you do incremental backups, Vista will search for modified or new files, then you will be promted to put the last partly-filled disc of your previous backup in first, and this will be filled up before prompting you for another disc if necessary. Doing full backups each time is obviously wasteful of discs, as you're mostly writing the same old stuff each time.

  ame 20:53 18 Mar 2010

I use these click here Very reliable and still cheap.

  dyson 20:00 19 Mar 2010

Thanks for all your help ame I'll give that a go.
John S.

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