Backing up software

  Johny C 12:03 03 Jan 2003
  Johny C 12:03 03 Jan 2003

Hi Folks

Having 2 children and several little nephews and neices, i always back up my original games and let them play the backup cd, only so they dont scratch the original CD.

i have just purchased The Sims for my wife to play and the children have shown a great amount of interest in this game. So as i normally do i tried to backup the original CD, but when i come to play the game it states "please insert original disc" is there anyway i could backup this disc?

Many thanks


  Mac & Beth 12:08 03 Jan 2003

The disk is copy protected. Only the original disk and not a copy can be used.

  graham 12:08 03 Jan 2003

I think they're getting better all the time to prevent copying discs.

  Johny C 12:11 03 Jan 2003

so as i have shelled out £29.99 for the sims if my children scratch the disc would the shop exchange the disc for me?

  Mac & Beth 12:13 03 Jan 2003

If i crash my car will the garage replace it?

Nope! Buy some CD protectors sheets (10 for £3) which you stick over the surface of the disk.

  woodchip 12:14 03 Jan 2003

I do believe you can get protective film for you CD's

  jazzypop 12:19 03 Jan 2003

Just to repeat what has been said in this Forum before.

What you are asking is for a way to bypass the copy protection on a CD. The licence for this CD specifically prohibits this, and therefore you would be performing an illegal act in doing so.

If this Forum were to allow it's members to give advice on how to do so, it could be considered to be condoning this advice (especially as it is a moderated forum). This would expose the forum, and the company that operates the forum, to the risk of action either from the game manufacturers, or an industry association such as FAST.

Therefore it is unlikely that you will get a straight answer to your question here.

Please note that I am not trying to make any sort of judgement on your actions, just trying to explain in advance what sort of response you are likely to get.

The only advice I can sensibly offer in this forum is to search the previous threads in this forum carefully - there are in fact several 'methods' that have been posted. Otherwise, a quick trawl of Google will supply you with detailed methods of achieving your aims.

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