Backing-up a program to cd

  realist 20:12 30 Nov 2006

There's a program on my pc I want to back-up to a cd.

Does it matter whether I use a cd-r or cd-rw?

Do I simply drag the program folder to the disc or is it more complicated than that?


  skidzy 21:07 30 Nov 2006

No it does matter what type of disc if under 700mb,if over you will need more discs or a dvd (dvd burner needed).

yes you can drag and drop on the cd drive.

  skidzy 21:08 30 Nov 2006

No,does not matter what type of disc

Sorry typo :-))

  Belatucadrus 21:14 30 Nov 2006

Could be much more complex than that, some programs are stand alone and can be dragged as you suggest, but most will have made additions to the Registry during installation and without these, the contents of the program folder isn't going to run. You really need to keep a copy of the .exe program installation file too.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:16 30 Nov 2006

Do you have the installtion file for the program? If so, that is all you need to back up in the manner suggested by skidzy.

If the program is installed and you do not have the install file, then you cannot just copy the program folder as you ask.

  bluto1 22:00 30 Nov 2006

Do you have the exe. icon (file).
If you do, try right click on the icon and `send to ` whichever drive you have for recording to CD and then follow the recording sequence.

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