Backing up outlook express 6 messages

  daz246 18:47 12 Sep 2003

Hi is there an easy way of backing up all my email messages from Outlook Express 6? I use the computer as a business run system so its vital that I have a backup of all client emails.

Is there a free download or shareware available or can it be done through outlook itself???


  powerless 18:52 12 Sep 2003

Search for .DBX files and back 'em up.

  MAJ 18:58 12 Sep 2003

As Powerless says, the easiest and safest thing to do is locate your store folder and back it up. Your store folder location can be found if you open OE and go to Tools > Options > Maintenance tab and click the Store Folder button. Navigate to that folder using Windows explorer.

  R4 19:03 12 Sep 2003

You could use the 'Export' Messages to create a backup then you could use 'import' to reload them into outlook express shoul yo ever require them.

  hoverman 19:13 12 Sep 2003

Another way is to create a folder named, for example, 'emails', and then open Outlook Express and drag emails you wish to back up into the folder. You can double click email's within the folder which will then launch Outlook Express and display the message. Hope that makes sense but this method was suggested in the Forum a while ago - can't remember by who though.

  WaiKent 19:16 12 Sep 2003

i think you can use a program to turn the stored messages into .eml format which is an email format.

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