Backing up my ps3 files on my hard Ext. hard drive

  julius44 18:17 19 May 2010

Hello and good evening, i have a slight issue that i'd like to find out please....I have a Sony ps3...80Gb, and its getting kind of full, so now i want to purchase a bigger hard drive for it, which is fine to.....but first i realise that i need to back up all the stuff to my external hard drive. I already have a seagate 1TB external hard drive, which is connected to my desktop pc

which is here

And this hard drive has all my itunes library, pictures, documents, etc. I have only used 138Gb, and there is 792Gb free, and it says the file system is NTFS......but it from videos that ive seen on you tube it says that to for the ps3 to recognize the drive it has to be i'm not to sure if i'd be able to back up my ps3 stuff on my current ext hard drive. Any help would be much appreciated.

  theDarkness 19:40 19 May 2010

Ive heard that windows pcs cannot recognise ps3 hard drives. I dont think the ps3 truly uses a windows compatible version of FAT32, you would surely be able to connect the 80Gb hard drive straight to your pc (providing you have the space) to transfer all its content to a spare folder on it as a backup, since windows can read both fat32 and ntfs.

your best bet might be in either getting hold of an old hard drive from a friend that you can re-format for use with your ps3 for backing up, or purchasing a flash drive (although the only problem there is that flash drives arent always the most reliable way to do so)

click here

  julius44 22:03 19 May 2010

thanks the darkness, but all my music, pictures etc, is stored on the external hard drive which is in NTFS format, but I still have over 73ogb of hard disk space left, but obviously i cannot reformat my external hard drive to FAT32 as i'd lose all my stuff, and thats NOT an option, so is there a way where whereby i can have both NTFS and FAT32 on my external hard drive???

  bremner 22:13 19 May 2010

Partition Magic click here will allow you to create a new partition which you could format as FAT32.

I am not sure if the PS3 will see the drive though

  theDarkness 22:18 19 May 2010

I think its possible to add a FAT32 partition with paid for tools such as partition magic, but if you come across any problems-at worst, there might be strict limits with the size you can have your FAT32 partition on what is essentially an NTFS drive, as an example.

  julius44 03:47 20 May 2010

many thanks the Darkness, and for the link , but it mentions in the link that that partition magic is only a preview cop(fron the people that have used it, and they say it doesn't really do anything, i'm looking for something thats totally free, but does the jbo for me, and i WONT lose any of my data already on my external hard drive, as thats just not an option for me.

  bremner 09:38 20 May 2010

"there might be strict limits with the size you can have your FAT32 partition on what is essentially an NTFS drive"

There is a misunderstanding here of how a disk can be set up.

A disk is neither a NTFS or a FAT32 drive.

Any drive may be partitioned with up to 4 primary partitiones or 3 primary and an extended. The extended can then be made into [upto] 24 volumes (limited by number of drive letters available)

Each partition or volume can have its own file format, NTFS, FAT, EXT, HFS whatever.

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