Backing up My Emails in Acronis 10

  exdragon 10:26 14 Jul 2008

I'm getting so annoyed with this! I've just satisfactorily backed up My Applications and My Data in Acronis, but when I get to My Emails, there's a problem.

It starts off ok, then the progress bar gets so far and then rapidly reverses and I get yet another error message about ModName MSVCR71.dll, followed by a memory could not be 'read' error.

I've repaired Acronis and recently ran sfc to repair a similar problem with CS3. What's so special about backing up Outlook 2003 which could cause a problem which didn't occur with Applications and Data?

I've got XP Home and no sp3 as that apparently causes problems with my Realtek sound card.

I'm depressed...

  exdragon 10:29 14 Jul 2008

Forgot to say - I didn't have this problem when I did exactly the same thing last Monday and as far as I'm aware, I haven't done anything drastic since.

  rawprawn 10:47 14 Jul 2008

I had the same problem with Acronis V 10, in fact I started using Outlook Backup which I found excellent click here
I upgraded to V 11 and it works fine now but I still use Outlook backup.

  exdragon 11:08 14 Jul 2008

But why have I been able to use Acronis for Emails since I bought it a year ago??

  rawprawn 11:16 14 Jul 2008

Sorry I honestly don't know. As I said I had the same problem.

  exdragon 11:21 14 Jul 2008

When the back up doesn't work and I look on the external drive, the file My Emails is there, but when I try to open it, I'm asked for a password which I know I've never set.

Thanks, rawprawn - I'll perhaps give that a try. I'll leave this open in case anyone else had any ideas.

It's so frustrating - ok, maybe not in the grand scheme of things and the problems of life in general but...

  rawprawn 11:45 14 Jul 2008

Try the Acronis Forum at Wilders Security
click here

  exdragon 11:57 14 Jul 2008

Thanks - I'd forgotten about them. I cane across the name Wilders in my password list but couldn't remember who they were!

Do you think FE would create a new page for the 'terminally bewildered and losing it fast' section of this community? Or would I be on my own?

  Procrastinus 12:08 14 Jul 2008

I do not use Acronis, but I do use a very good e-mail back up facility.

click here

It will back up on a regular basis to a folder of your choice, and also copies address book, preferences, blocked senders list, etc.

  exdragon 12:35 14 Jul 2008

That looks useful, I'll give it a go until I can get Acronis sorted out, thanks.

  rawprawn 13:36 14 Jul 2008

"Do you think FE would create a new page for the 'terminally bewildered and losing it fast' section of this community? Or would I be on my own?"
You would not be on your own in this forum!!
There are many of us who would claim to be founder members.

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