Backing up my computer content

  Yimbo 19:30 28 Aug 2014

I'm having to do a complete re-install of Windows 8.

What's the best, surest way to back-up its contents - files, folders, emails - the lot - to preserve them for later access?

I've got a separate hard drive but it's only 80 GB and probably not large enough.

I'd appreciate any help!

  rdave13 19:46 28 Aug 2014

Why a reinstall?

  Yimbo 20:54 28 Aug 2014

MS Support has examined my computer remotely, and tells me it wasn't installed correctly, and is causing my on-going problem with MS Outlook.

  rdave13 21:00 28 Aug 2014

What wasn't installed correctly? Win 8 or Outlook? I'm at a loss, keep asking MS Support for answers as I'm sure you needed to pay for it. They should then honour the deal and sort the problem out for you. If they can't then ask for a refund.

  Yimbo 21:16 28 Aug 2014

he problem is with MS Outlook 2010 the "General failure" message I get, making hyperlinks in emails inoperative. I've had two calls from MS Support - £90 - and they can't seem to fix this issue. They suggest a re-install, of Windows 8.1 after which they will phone again next week!

I'm just dreading the loss of my stuff - hence the needed back-up!

  lotvic 21:32 28 Aug 2014

Well that's the classic cop-out. "We don't know what's wrong - tell 'em an OS reinstall will fix it..."

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:57 28 Aug 2014

some options

  1. type

    sfc/ scannow

    let windows find and replace missing or corrupt windows files will not affect your files but may take awhile to complete.

  2. Do a Refresh of windows, Settings - update and recovery - refresh

    leaves all your files but removes all your applications that you install (just done it and found it to be a pain having to reinstall all email etc. so will be doing a complete image recovery from last weeks image first thing tomorrow).

  Yimbo 23:55 28 Aug 2014

Fruit Bat/\0/\ - - I'd like to try your suggestion! Where to I type "sfc/scannow"?

Also, same with your No 2 "Do a refresh ....." You talk about an "image recovery from last week's image". Could you please explain for me? I'm not too clued up on such things - as you'll gather!

I'd really appreciate your assistance! Thank you!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:54 29 Aug 2014

charms bar (swipe in from right of screen / mouse to bottom right corner)

Search is top charm (mag glass) touch or click opens box type in there then press enter

Did you make a back up image when you first got it? is there any backup disks with the PC?

Refresh - charms bar - Settings (bottom charm) - Update an recovery - Refresh

Had my 8.1 PC a month now made images of my SSD and HDD using free version of Macrium reflect as soon as I had installed some basic programs and protection. Imaged again after transferring what I wanted from my old PC. Now Image weekly to an external WD passport drive.

Messing around with Windows apps last night trying to find where the Kindle app had downloaded my books to so I could add them to Calibre, change some permissions and couldn't seem to change them back again. Not wanting to leave the PC open the attack I decide to Refresh, disaster as it removed all my installed programs and stuff I had spent hours setting up like networks email clients etc. Emails were still on server.

So decided to restore last weeks image to the SSD. A reboot with the Rescue media in the drive - 20 second, browse to required image on WD drive another 20 seconds, press OK, 6 minutes later the PC is back to exactly as it was last week.

Moral make sure you have a back up image (or more to be safe) and the means to restore it.

  Yimbo 17:49 29 Aug 2014

Thanks Fruit Bat/\0/\ - - You've been very helpful! I'll remember to heed your warnings!

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