Backing up, how many differentials to keep

  exdragon 11:03 12 Mar 2018

My mental block is alive and well: if I use EaseUs differential backup, am I right in thinking I only need the original full back up plus the latest differential? Logic says that should be ok, as the differential backs up all changes since the last full one as opposed to incremental which only backs up changes since the last back up of any kind. Is it also sensible to do a full back up every so often, starting differentials again and then deleting the original 'old' stuff?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:08 12 Mar 2018

Correct see illustration click here personal always do full backups keeping a couple of the older ones.


  exdragon 12:28 12 Mar 2018

Thanks - I finally got my head round the difference between inc. and diff.! I always used to do full back ups of each drive but thought it would be more practical to go down the differential route. I really don't understand how I can make such a mess of something which should be quite simple but I seem to keep downloading various programmes to try out, however, I'm getting rid of Acronis as it seems to get more complicated with every version. Unless I'm just being thick, of course.

  martd7 13:01 12 Mar 2018

I use Easus but haven't seen any thing about "differential back up" only incremental back up

Where is the option in Easus?

  exdragon 13:19 12 Mar 2018

When you've set up the back ups and have the page where they are all listed, there are two arrows, one green labelled Recovery, one blue labelled Backup with a drop down triangle and an Advanced option. If you click the blue drop down arrow, you get the option for Full, Incremental or Differential.

I'm sure there's somewhere where you can set the default to Differential rather than Incremental but I haven't found it yet.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:30 12 Mar 2018

I too got rid of Acronis as too complicated and now use the Free version of Macrium Reflect.

Got me out of trouble when the Cretors Update messed the system and non of the windows recovery options would work (system restore, system back up, or Reset with or without saving data).

  exdragon 15:13 12 Mar 2018

Fruit Bat /\0/\ - that's my problem, at one point I had Acronis, Bvckup, Easeus and Macrium, all having been recommended at one time or another. I tried different ones on several external drives and got into the devil of a mess, to the extent that I didn't know what I had on where. And as for sampling a file or folder to restore as a check - forget it!

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