Backing Up & External Hard Drive Assistance.

  Big L 266 08:44 24 Jul 2010


I'm not the brightest bulb in the ceiling sometimes,and this is one of these moments I'm sorry to say.

Having recently learned how to back up my files properly and automatically (namely photos, videos, music),I was asked at the start of each backup to give it a title which I've done. When I next do a further backup, do I simply click on the original backup title and backup that one,or do I have to give it a second title and backup from new? Please help!

I'm sorry this is a really dumb question but its confused me somewhat. Thank you though for your help. Its appreciated very much.

Big L 266
(Whose filaments are on the blink.)

  wiz-king 08:53 24 Jul 2010

I use the date but usually have to name it twice as I forget what separators are not allowed even though I can see the previous files! You should make a new backup each time but call the 'backup23072010' or 'backup2010_07' or similar.

  Procrastinus 09:15 24 Jul 2010

I use the date also and when I have three backups in reserve, I delete the oldest to save disc space

  Big L 266 09:16 24 Jul 2010


wiz-king....I called it 'Backup 1 23/07/2010' on each of the two external hard drives I used. When I do it again in a week or so,do I have to delete 'Backup 1' if I supercede it with say 'Backup 2 30/07/2010'?

Each backup is over 200gb which would fill one external hard drive up if I had to save the first and add a second on a 500gb hard drive.

I don't think its clicking in very easily for me is it wiz-king? I'm sure I'm missing something here about backups.


Big L 266

  Woolwell 11:05 24 Jul 2010

There are different approaches to this but the important things is that there is a back-up. We come across far too many who haven't backed up their data. The data that is often forgotten is e-mails.
One approach is to just back up data and the other is to copy the entire disc.

I used to use a similar system to wiz-king and 608 I now have 2 external hard drives. On one I run an incremental backup daily of my data only. On the other I run a full Acronis image (complete hard drive copy) weekly. Every now and again I will burn vital data, eg essential photos, off onto DVD as a further back up. I found this invaluable when some data got corrupted on my external hard drive.

Take it steadily and logically and you cannot go far wrong and it you can have at the end the satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best to have your data safe.

The other form of back up is knowing where all of your installation discs are and if you have downloaded programs where to download them again or have on dvd.

  Big L 266 14:35 24 Jul 2010


Woolwell....I can see the logic in each approach and will run all three external hard drives based on date.After I've got the third one on each drive loaded, I'll delete the first thus leaving the last two.

I did try the Acronis trial but it somehow turned off most of my Norton 360 leaving me without either a firewall or anti-virus cover.It also reset my WinAmp to its default settings along with some of the settings on my Asus Xonar soundcard.Its sad that happened as I was looking forward to trying it out for a while but never mind.I guess these things sometimes happen.

My computer did come with a couple of installation discs which are securely filed away with all my other Dell stuff. If things went badly wrong I know I can install from scratch and start over. The other good thing is that my computer has fully paid-for cover until 2014 should anything ever really go wrong.

I believe that I have done my best to preserve my cd collection which is my first and main interest in life.More so since I had to sell my entire collection just over four years ago. It contained 99% of the UK top 10/12/20/30 pop music chart hit records from 1952 to 1980. With three copies under my belt now,I feel very rested that should the main hard drive go,there are three others to play my music with.

I wouldn't want to have to collect them again from scratch!

All the best.

Big L 266

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