Backing up e-mails

  GroupFC 16:47 31 Oct 2004

I know this subject has been covered a lot on these pages in the past, but I have been unable to find the answer I want (if it exists!).

I have been asked for advice on backing up emails. The way I do it is to drag and drop the ones I want to keep (very few!) to a folder on my desktop and then put that on a CD. The e-mails are arranged in the backup folder by subject. My question is - is it possible in some way to have the e-mails arranged by sender rather than subject?

I know that it is possible to back-up the .dbx files or use one of the many available OE back up apps. available but what is required is to back up the e-mails and then be able to open and read an individual one.

Any advice/comments that I can pass will as usual be very much appreciated.

  GroupFC 22:25 31 Oct 2004


  Glyn-252301 22:33 31 Oct 2004

I don't know about XP but in win98se "Windows\Application Data\Identities\Microsoft\Outlook Express"
Save the contents and put them back into same folder to read.Regards G.

  Glyn-252301 22:38 31 Oct 2004

Sorry did not read your post properly. Do not know if possible to isolate individual mails. You can however have 2 instances of Outlook Express and change name in order to choose which to read.

  Glyn-252301 22:49 31 Oct 2004

Just checked to make sure that you can open DBX files by clicking on them and they will open in Wordpad. You will then have to trawl through a load of machine coad to find text.

  GroupFC 22:54 31 Oct 2004

Yes that's the problem! - what I'm looking for is an easy way of backing up the e-mails, identified by sender and then being able to open an individual one. I'm not even sure if this is possible!

  beeuuem 23:46 31 Oct 2004

This may do what you want.
Download OE Freebie Backup from click here

and OE View from click here and install them

In OE create a new folder,call it Save or anything you want.

Drag the mail you want to save to the new folder.

Open OE Backup. From the Tools tab go to Backup Folder and create the folder you want to save your mail in.
Also from the Tools tab go to 'backup files' select 'dbx' and from the next window search for the dbx files in your hard drive. This will show all dbx folders. Check and backup the 'Save' folder.

You can back up as often as you wish.

Saved this way OE View will allow you to read the files in the Back up folder, shows the sender and the subject and allows you to sort them by name.

  Danoh 03:59 01 Nov 2004

I guess you have read this? click here;en-us;270670

I have only worked with Outlook data files but only opened them after they are transferred back into a HDD rather than trying to read from a CD directly. That way, you can sort by sender and open individual emails as well.

I'd guess that if you stick to using OE to open the data file you have saved onto CD, you should also be able to sort by the sender column as the file would have been opened into your PC's memory, which should allow you to sort.

  Danoh 04:03 01 Nov 2004

click here;en-us;270670” hope this works!

If not, take out the spaces from the URL below and copy into your browser.

http:// default.aspx? scid=kb; en-us; 270670

Hope that helps

  GroupFC 09:56 01 Nov 2004

Thank you both.

Danoh, no I hadn't seen that. I have had a quick look, and it does look as if it may be the solution I want.

Beeuum, thanks for your contribution. I'd had a look at OE freebie back up but couldn't see a way of seeing individual mail in the .dbx file. OE view looks as if I will be able to do this.

When I get home later tonight, I'll have a play around and hopefully be able to tick this!

  GroupFC 16:17 01 Nov 2004

I have the answer! - Unfortunately Danoh that wasn't what I wanted as all that does is give me more .dbx files.

But beeuuem came up trumps! - OE view is exactly what was needed, something to open the .dbx files to view the messages. Now all I've got to do is explain all this to the person that asked me in the first place (which may be a problem as it is easier to do than write an explanation - unfortunately my friend is in France and I'm in the UK!)!

Thanks to you all.

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