Backing Up E- Mail Folders

  Pucky 13:15 21 Dec 2003

I am changing my computer soon and want to know how I can save my address book, favourites and inbox so I can transfer them to my new PC. I am running Windows XP.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:47 21 Dec 2003

Address book: just open it and from the relevant menu, choose Export.

Favourites: It's fairly easy to export a copy of your favourites, however, by following these instructions:

1. Select Import and Export from the File menu in Internet Explorer.

2. Select Export Favourites from the subsequent Import/Export Wizard that appears.

3. Highlight all the folders that you want to export (or just leave the Favourites folder highlighted for all).

4. You should now be able to choose to export directly to a web browser or to a file which you can re-import into a browser later or paste into a web page.


InBox - no idea... maybe someone else can help.

  Big Elf 14:56 21 Dec 2003

Copying the inbox depends on the email program being used.

Outlook Express saves the various folders with the extension *.dbx

Outlook stores the whole lot in a *.pst file.

Depending on which you have search on the file extension and then copy to CDR (floppy if it's small enough, unlikely though with Outlook).

I've no idea of the file extensions used by other email programs.

  Big Elf 14:57 21 Dec 2003

P.S. You may have to search for hidden files and folders as Outlook is hidden as standard.

  powerless 14:57 21 Dec 2003

Search for: *.dbx

...and copy the files and then paste the files back into the store folder.

Store folder, in OE, click Tools, Options..., Maintenance, Store folder.

  SEASHANTY 14:59 21 Dec 2003


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