Backing Up Drives

  lap1ngtong 21:19 26 Mar 2010

thx to Purple Sky and Technotiger for previous answers!

more questions about backing up drives!, but a bit of background first. In a moment of madness I went and bought a Medion Akoya P7360 (good, bad or reasonable choice?) it has software preloaded on it and the drives are C:(Boot) 890/910 free and D:(Recover) 10.6/19.9 free. Do I make backups of them both?, and seeing as they will be too big to fit on a dvd, will I get the option to boot from USB if I have to re-install them? thx in advance, more questions to follow no doubt

  lap1ngtong 21:22 26 Mar 2010

Also would I be better to install programs like Skype, LG phone software, DVDFab etc before making the image?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:37 26 Mar 2010

Had mine 5 years with very little problems (optical drives died after 3.5 years)

D is the recovery partition that contains images to restore the machine to its factory state (as new).
Never put anything else on D:
Make an image of the recovery partition (D)

remove all crap software and set it up with everything you want as soon as its right make an image of C: that you can return to.

  lap1ngtong 23:07 26 Mar 2010

What recommendations for software have people got? DVD Burning, Internet Browsing, Defragging, AntiVirus, AdBlocking, Anti-Spyware etc etc

  robin_x 00:01 27 Mar 2010

Downloads from cnet, majorgeek, filehippo

I use Firefox 3.6.2, Avira10, ABP (Adblock plus) and HOSTS file from, superantispyware, malwarebytes

Check this guys site for other ideas of many progs

click here

  lap1ngtong 02:17 27 Mar 2010

thanx Robin..looks like I got some research and downloading to do lol

  lap1ngtong 02:20 27 Mar 2010

Fruitbat, what would be the crap and how can I show this info on here without having to physically write every program down on paper?

  lap1ngtong 02:36 27 Mar 2010

Another question is, is there a good program for recovering a Seagate Barracuda HD?, and can this be done through USB?

  lap1ngtong 19:59 27 Mar 2010

I am trying Acronis but when I'm making backup it tells me it cant read sector 63 in Hard Disk 2, i ignore it and then a couple more sectors cant be read ignore them then it creates that image likely to be not right?

  lap1ngtong 00:23 29 Mar 2010

i think its worked! it didnt have an error message this time! seeing as it is new pc with restore files on D: should i do an image of both drives in one backup?

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