Backing up documents

  morthin 17:44 06 Jan 2008

This is clutching at straws really... I backed my documents on to cd as i had to reinstall vista as per recommendation of the Tech Guys.
Since rebooting i cannot open up the cd to see my documents.. all that happens is that the progress bar just keeps flashing and my computer stops responding.
When selecting properties it shows that there is about 650 mb loaded on to the disc.
Is there somwe way that i can open the disc up to get the info ??? ( Cross fingers !!! )

  Crash 18:11 06 Jan 2008

The disc must be damaged in some way try cleaning it with a lint free cloth and try again.

  Diemmess 18:12 06 Jan 2008

...... since I've yet to try Vista.
You reinstalled as recommended by Tech Guys?

Were the documents made with Works or Word, and are either of these applications there still?

If you (right click) on the CD from My Computer and choose properties, what does the pie chart show? A full disc or just a nearly full disk?

If it shows full, i.e. no details of how much is used and how much free space it looks as though the CD you have burned will have been closed like a music CD ready to play on any player!

Just guessing now: It is possible to "Rip separate tracks" and save them using Windows Media Player, though whether this will work for documents I have no idea.
At least it is worth a try because it clearly cannot damage the precious CD and its contents.

  Diemmess 18:14 06 Jan 2008

If the CD has been closed it will show in Properties as "CDA"

  morthin 23:34 06 Jan 2008

The docs were saved by using micro word, the pie chart shows that there is 25 mb free, and it does not show properties as cda.
If they perhaps have being saved by media would it not tell me that i have media type files on the disc ???

  Diemmess 09:09 07 Jan 2008

The fact that it shows those details suggests that the CD is OK and the trouble is with the MSWord application or configuration.

Can you start Word and select from the its Open menu the CD and look for recognised files?

If you can see but not open any, try in the bottom of the open menu - "Any recoverable text"

You said at the outset that trying to open the CD itself caused the computer to hang.

If you try through Word, how far in fact do you get before things go silly?

  morthin 12:53 07 Jan 2008

I ve tried the method and it does want to know, the message comes up that it is not responding, that is the revoving circle just sits there.
Question: are there any specialists who can recover files from a cd ??
Many thanks

  stylehurst 14:07 07 Jan 2008

Have a look at either Isobuster or CD Recovery Toolkit.

  Diemmess 14:49 07 Jan 2008

Two more things to try though you may already have tried both:

Try your CD on another computer.

Make a new dummy document in Word and play with that. Try saving and re-opening etc.

If Word doesn't behave normally then you should delete Normal.DOT and reboot.
Word will then make a new copy of which has a huge influence on how Word works, far greater than its simple name would suggest.

If you don't know to do this please post back.

  Terry Brown 15:29 07 Jan 2008

Download a program called CDCHECK (free for 15 days) and run the recovery option. This should be able to recover all files from your CD/DVD to the hard drive. You may then be able to access them by 'Open with' and let the internet select the program.

  morthin 00:27 08 Jan 2008

I have tried the cd in another pc (xp ) and it does not want to know.
I have downloaded cd check but when i select recover all i get is the revolving circle and eventually the message programme not responding.
Looks like i have lost this battle

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