Backing Up Onto Blu-Ray Advice Please?

  Fred Spoons EPNS 18:02 06 Apr 2011

My computer is a Dell Studio 540 and the OS is Windows Vista Home Premium.My music player is Winamp Pro and the soundcard is a Xonar D2X Audio Centre.I have 44000 music tracks over 220Gb space.

I currently back up onto three external hard drives regularly. I want to back up in uncompressed format onto blu-ray and believe around 5 x 50gb discs might be sufficient. I know the music will be transferred to the discs, but does all the other information such as artist, title, album title, genre etc also transfer onto the discs at the same time please?

I've never done a backup this way before and don't have any blu-ray in my small collection so I'm 'in the dark'. Could you please kindly tell me if its possible and what the best way (if any) to do it along with any recommendations for blue-ray disc makers and formats for which there is a bewildering array.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

  Terry Brown 19:45 06 Apr 2011

I assume the data is in an MP3 or similar format, if so it should all be tranferred.

I have never used the Blue Ray system, however assuming it is like a DVD backup, I can see no problems.

I would suggest you make regular checks on the blueray disks for playability, as that is a lot of music you will lose if the disk fails.


  Fred Spoons EPNS 08:55 07 Apr 2011

Thanks for your help Terry. All my music is already backed-up on three external hard-drives so its all safe. I would still like to do a few blu-ray discs with them all on though. 99% of my tracks are ripped at between 192&320 kbps and less than 1% are mp3s. I'm just curious what gets copied from the computer hard-drive to the blu-ray disc onto which its ripped. Even more curious is what kind of blu-ray works in Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit and IE9 (just installed).There is such a huge choice of formats out there which are quite bewildering.

  GaT7 12:40 07 Apr 2011

I think you fear that some sort of 'Audio' disc will be created. As you'll be backing-up the music files to the Blu-Ray discs as 'data' (specifically choose this option in your disc-writing software - screenshot for clarity: click here), everything will be copied as well - just like you were saving it to another hard disk.

Don't worry about the formats too much - any type that's compatible with your Blu-Ray drive will be fine. But you'll need to decide whether to go for BD-R (write-once) or BD-RE (re-writeable) discs.

Any OS that's compatible with the Blu-Ray burning software you'll be using will be fine. G

  Fred Spoons EPNS 14:57 07 Apr 2011

Yes,thats what I couldn't articulate into a sentence very well Crossbow7.Thanks for your screenshot of Ashampoo,I'll try and see if my Winamp Pro has the same kind of process.I might try a rewritable to start with in case I make a right old mess of it - external hard drive backups are easy enough to copy to but Blu-ray is something far different! Thank you for your help Crossbow7.Its much appreciated.

  GaT7 15:14 07 Apr 2011

No problem. Any burning software should be able to write files as data, but if your one doesn't have Blu-Ray support, you can get the Ashampoo one for free at click here - enter coupon code ASH-444LW1.

Burning to Blu-Ray is similar to burning to CD/DVD, so if you've done the latter it's just as easy. Burning to Blu-Ray could take a lot longer though.

To avoid errors while burning a disc, use the slowest speed allowed by the software & try not to use your PC for anything else during the process. G

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