Backing up all Win 98 upgrades

  Long retired 17:02 08 Aug 2003

Microsoft is not supporting Win 98 anymore, or so I understand.
I've studiously downloaded all available upgrades and patches.
If I have to format my hardrive and reload Win 98 from the disc, I would lose all upgrades.
Can anyone tell me which PC Advisor contained the article about saving and copying to CD Win 98 including all upgrades, or tell me how to do it?

  Valvegrid 17:20 08 Aug 2003

You're quite right, the support finished a couple of months ago. Although I have saved all the security updates prior to support finishing, it's unlikely I'll need them. All the security problems stem from the admin features embedded within windows, but these can be removed with this program:

click here

I have removed all the rubbish that windows doesn't need, which has reduced the size of the basic windows to 220MB in my case and made it a much more stable operating system, also without the inherent security problems.

I think the cost is about $25.

It might not have answered your question directly, but I think it's a good alternative.


  The Sack 17:25 08 Aug 2003

For anyone that still has not got all the W98 updates you can get them if you click here

To put them on a CD (presuming you have Nero) just open Nero and follow the Nero Wizard for making a data CD.

  Pidder 18:23 08 Aug 2003

The Sack. I have the critical updates but haven't thought of saving to a C.D. What file would they be in?

  Rayuk 19:08 08 Aug 2003

Best place is here you can download them in one go and save them where you want to
click here

  rambus 21:19 08 Aug 2003

its my understanding that any updates to the operating system will always be available on the windows site, but no further updates will be released, so you dont need to save them on disk as they will always be available on windows site.

  SEASHANTY 21:58 08 Aug 2003


  Qmar 23:26 08 Aug 2003

'always' is a very long word. search 'windows end of life'- this has been covered.

  Qmar 22:07 12 Aug 2003

Microsoft Grants 2nd Stay Of Execution To Win98
Now, the "'nonsupport" date for Win98 has been rolled back 6 months to
Jan 16 2004, and the new "end of life" date has been pushed back to Jan
16 2005.

  Qmar 22:16 12 Aug 2003

correction...'sc.' Scilicet, Namely; that is to say.

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