Backing up 7 zip main folder

  catpwss 08:29 10 Nov 2014

Good day to all. Been using 7zip now for a while I use it to save certain items with a password protect,But it just came to me how is the best was to backup the 7zip main folder. I do a regular backup of my documents pics etc,But where is the 7zip folder the zip is on my desktop if I copy and paste that to my documents folder will it then be backed up while I do the regular backup? Many Thanks.

  Batch 10:16 10 Nov 2014

By default Zzip stores the zip (7z) files in the same location as the source file or folder.


If I zip the file C:\WORK\FRED.DAT, I get a zip file as C:\WORK\FRED.7z

If I zip the folder C:\WORK\BILL, I get a zip file as C:\WORK\BILL.7z

So unless you have chosen to do otherwise you could have 7z files all over the place. Although from you posting maybe you just have them on the desktop.

In any case if you copy (or move) the 7z files in to your Documents it should get backed up along with everything else there.

BTW, what are you using for backups?

  catpwss 12:37 10 Nov 2014

Batch. Many thanks for your reply,Regarding my backups I do a backup of my documents pictures music video about every two weeks depending on what I have installed within the two weeks. I use two external HDD one for master copy and second for backup of the first one. Also use the Microsoft sync toy for the backing up procedure.

Now regarding the zip folder.I have the main access to the zip files on my desktop. But will have a look later to see if there is a folder in the C drive named zip. I will also copy and paste the zip folder from the desktop to my documents and on the next backup maybe that will prove a point if I can access them from the external HDD. Many Thanks,Does that make sense to you?

  Batch 14:16 10 Nov 2014

Obviously I can't see whereabouts on the computer you are doing things. If you've only been making zips on the desktop, then that's where they should (currently) be.

By the sound of it, moving / copy to Documents should get them swept up in your backup. As you say, try it and see.

If you unzip them the original contents will (by default) be unzipped to the location where the zip file that you are unzipping is. So if you unzip a zip on your external drive, the contents will be in that location on your external drive.

  catpwss 12:01 11 Nov 2014

Well,here I am. I did copy and pasted the zip icon from desktop to my documents then,Did a backup of my documents to the external HDD,Then I was able to gain access to the zip files from the external HDD. Job done successful Many Thanks for your input.

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