Backing Up.

  Meshuga 14:03 14 Dec 2004

My Pc has XP Home SP2. My hard drive has a capacity of 76.6 GB. There is only 9.25 GB used space.I want to backup the whole HD to a 40GB usb external HD. Obviously the 76.6 gb won`t go on the 40gb but can i put the 9.25gb on the external drive as there`s nothing else on the larger drive.I intend using Acronis True Image to create the transfer. Any advice on this please. Hope my explanation is not too vague.Meshuga.

  TomJerry 14:13 14 Dec 2004

just install it and use it, very easy to figure it out

  Peter 14:16 14 Dec 2004


If you use Acronis True Image to make a compressed image of the data on the 76.6 Gig drive your image file should be around 5 Gig, which will fit easily onto the 40 Gig drive. In fact you could make several different backups spaced out over a few weeks and store them for extra security.


  Jeffers22 14:58 14 Dec 2004

Just remember the maxim: "A backup is not a backup until you have proved you can restore it"

  rawprawn 15:11 14 Dec 2004

Acronis True Image is a great program, it has saved my bacon several times. Not only will it back up OK to your external hard drive, but I suggest you use the Acronis Secure Zone which it will create itself. That way if there is a problem you just tap F11 on boot and you can restore your computer to exactly as it was at your last back up date. or another you may choose.You can well afford to let it use 20gb as secure zone.

  rawprawn 15:12 14 Dec 2004

PS after reading Jeffers22 post, restoring is simple and effective.

  Meshuga 17:04 14 Dec 2004

Many thanks to all. Sorry for the delay in answering, unable to get online.Server problem i believe. Thanks again, Meshuga.

  Peter 19:59 14 Dec 2004


Make sure that the backup media is available when you need it, not just from within Windows. USB sockets may not work outside of Windows without a special boot disk and the necessary drivers. Just make sure you can actually see your external drive when using your boot disk. Alternately make your backup to an extra internal hard drive, which will be able to be seen when using the boot disk, but remember to also copy the image to the external hard drive for extra security. Otherwise, if your computer is stolen your only backup will also be stolen.


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