backing up

  paul 14:29 04 Dec 2004

Right I have decided not to take chances any more and to back up my files and stuff......I am running XP home edition........ and cant seem to find a backup programme........I know advice elsewhere is to search for it on the CDROM but I didnt get one with this machine when I bought it.

I cant simply drag things onto a CD I burn - cos when I try that from my documents it tells me some files are shared with others and wont let me.......or is there some cheapish software I can buy or download that will help me......

  Forum Editor 14:33 04 Dec 2004

to drag and drop files to a CD for burning in WndowsXP - what is the exact content of the errror message you're getting?

  paul 14:45 04 Dec 2004

windows encountered a problem when trying to copy this folder - what do you want windows to do ( retry, skip, cancel) xxx document contains files and folder shared between other users of this computer

I am trting to drag the my document files from each respective user of the computer into my CD burner .....

why do I bet you tell me thgere is a better way ??

Thanks for helping

  rawprawn 14:48 04 Dec 2004

I have found Acronis Drive Image has saved my bacon many times, easy to use and using the "Secure Zone" is really helpful. To recover just hit F11 on boot, click here

  rawprawn 14:50 04 Dec 2004

Sorry that should be Acronis True Image

  Forum Editor 14:55 04 Dec 2004

associated with another user of the computer you must be logged in as that user, or have administrative rights on the machine.

  paul 15:04 04 Dec 2004

I have admin rights, and it is the same error message when I try to copy my own folder when logged in as myself

  paul 09:07 05 Dec 2004


  Diodorus Siculus 09:24 05 Dec 2004

click here for an excellent guide to baking up.

  stylehurst 10:37 05 Dec 2004

I would strongly recommend an external Hard Drive, connected via USB port.
Use say a 40GB drive partitioned into multiple partitions.
You can use 1 partition for all your data files which can be backed up daily as & when they change.
Using Acronis True Image you can use the other partition for your system files, backing up wekkly or monthly as you wish.
I have used this approach for a few years, and it has saved my bacon on more than one occasion when the machine has thrown a wobbly; i.e a HDD failure, or most recently a motherboard failure.
Acronis True Image is a very reliable & easy to use program

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