blackpat 08:45 19 Oct 2003

Hi all, (Windows 98 se.) Re-backing up, I know how to copy to disk, but I dont understand "backing up" on my computer. Does it do it automatically ? if so , how can I check that it is doing it? or do I have to programme it to do so? and if so, How?. Much obliged for any help.

  VoG II 09:40 19 Oct 2003

click here to install Microsoft Backup.

You then need to run the program to create a backup.

  blackpat 08:26 20 Oct 2003

I tried the site you gave me but I'm not able to find the backup download for windows 98 se. Thanks Blackpat

  Jester2K II 08:39 20 Oct 2003

Read the page again. It clearly states the program is on your Win98SE CDROM. Follow the instructions.


"Microsoft Backup is a backup tool included with Windows. This tool is not installed by default when you install Windows. This article describes how to install Backup after Windows is installed. "

"This procedure requires access to your original Windows disks or CD-ROM "

  Skeletor 13:34 20 Oct 2003

Maybe blackpat's PC came with the OS already installed, as mine did (XP from PC World) wich doesn't come with an OS cd but only a system recovery disc which doesn't have the backup on it, I think it's a bit of a con.

  blackpat 19:20 21 Oct 2003

I was clicking the wrong URL Duh !! Anyway I eventually got to the "System tools box" and the "Backup box is ticked and it says (5.2 MB).
Below it says ( Programme to backup and save data and files.supports backup to floppy and tape drives). Does this mean I have it installed? and does it "save" automatically?. Do I need to do anything? Thanks for your help.

  R4 19:34 21 Oct 2003

If you backup to floppy you will need a lot of blank foppies, best to use a partion on your hard disk or CDR's if you can.

  Spark6 21:18 21 Oct 2003

I'm also interested in the various responses to Blackpat's thread. Please keep the suggestions coming in.


  blackpat 18:33 22 Oct 2003

I have a cd burner, do I have to copy things like "my docs" ect seperately or could I copy a whole lot of things at once? About a partion on my hard disk, how do I do that? Sorry, I am not very computer literate. Thanks for your help.
PS. Good luck Spark6

  R4 19:03 22 Oct 2003

How your backup works depends on the software you are using to backup:

If you have Nero (you can get a trial from here:click here go to downloads.). or Easy CD Creator click here

with one of these you can copy to a cd whole directories and anything else by selecting what you want copied before burning.

I use Norton ghost myself which backs the whole disk or partition (5 cd's)and I can restore whatever I require from this; but for individual file restore you need ghost installed on the target system. system restore can be done from a floppy or ghost itself.

To partition your hard disk you will need Partition magic : click here or something simular

  R4 19:09 22 Oct 2003

If you use Easy CD or Nero you could use Direct CD or INCD (Incd not to good) to drag and drop files and/or directories to a CD once you have formatted it (with Direct CD or INCD) but to make the CD readable, on any other system, after you have finished burning you will have to finalise the CD which will mean you cannot write on it again.

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