Background Sounds on DVD

  Knoxx666 07:05 12 May 2006

I have a brand new DELL Dimension E510 and for some reason when I play a dvd(on ANY player) the background noises (as in the extras or ESPECIALLY the music) drown out the primary sounds like the characters talking. I've gone through all the audio options on the DVD software but to no avail. I have 4 speakers and 1 subwoofer connected and I've even tried setting the audio to 2 speakers but the backround sound is always far louder than the prime sound. I am at a complete loss as to what to do. I bought two of these E510's and I experience the same problem on the other one in the other room! I beleive I still have the problem when it runs through headphones though I might have not tried that! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and other videos such as ones I watch online or download all play normal. It is just DVDs. The computer is DVDRW-CDRW!

  xania 09:05 12 May 2006

Not come across this before, but, as this is new, I would get in touch with Dell and see what they have to say. Certainly, as its still under warrenty, don't touch anything without their permission.

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