background running programs,memory problems

  brifor 21:10 30 Aug 2004

i need help on how to cut down on background running programs,have pressed control ,alt ,delete but am unsure of what is and isn't safe to close down.i am running windows xp pro with 128 ram,something in my system must be using up my ram but not sure of what, would be grateful of any help as i am still a novice

  canard 22:24 30 Aug 2004

Basically you need at least 256MB ram to run WinXP.

  dez fowler 23:23 30 Aug 2004

What canard said is best but in the mean time make sure you don't have loads of useless gubbins in the system tray (bottom right). By that i mean things like Winzip, winamp, real player, quicktime. These things always put something in the tray which uses up resources. Look for a "load at startup" option and uncheck it, in winzip it's "close and remove" when you click close i think.

  woodchip 23:32 30 Aug 2004

Go to Start\Run type MSCONFIG go to start tab remove ticks from programs you do noy need to start at boot particularly MS Fast Find or MS Office

  Strawballs 23:35 30 Aug 2004

If you go to start>run>type msconfig click on the start up tab then untick all the programs that don't need to be running all the time ie all the ones preveously mentioned + office if you have it just make sure you leave explorer, systray and any firewall & antivirus you have then click ok and it will ask you to restart.

  bertiecharlie 23:52 30 Aug 2004

click here
click here
click here
to help you identify the various processes.

  bertiecharlie 23:55 30 Aug 2004

plus click here might be useful.

  hugh-265156 00:01 31 Aug 2004

as above i also agree that you need at least 256mb of ram to run xp well. 512mb would be better allowing you to multitask better.

see click here and try setting services in 'start/control panel/administrative tools/services' to those listed as 'safe' should save you quite a bit of ram.

as above again though i would add more ram

  hugh-265156 00:08 31 Aug 2004

ps. msconfig, ie/ 'start/run' type 'msconfig' and click ok then click the start up tab, will let you disable uneeded programs that start automatically with windows. untick everything except your av and firewall and restart. ignore the warning shown when you restart and tick the 'dont show again' box.

as above this should also speed up windows xp start up and free up some more ram for good use but with only 128mb of ram xp will struggle so i would install some more as its a cheap upgrade and you will notice a big difference.

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