Background noise in FM headphones

  terendak_uk 20:51 06 Mar 2006

Be grateful for comments/advice:
I bought a pair of Panasonic RP-WF930T Wireless H'phones in an attempt to avoid complaints from rest of family ( PC work and music go VERY well together!). Trouble is, I can hear "the sea" in the background, no matter which of the 3 channels I try. Have moved the system all over the room, to no avail. Have no other wireless stuff ( OK, I use 11g but I turned it off to check- no mobiles on either). There's no "whine", whistles" nor "interference"...just this continuous "shhhhhhhhhh" in the background, when the music's not playing. Is that "normal"? Or should I expect to hear nothing, when the music's not playing? XP latest OS and Creative PlatLive PCI S'card..plays fine with 5.1 speakers, no "shhhhhh" when no music playing.

  hzhzhz 23:01 06 Mar 2006

Many wireless phones are the same including my Philips pair. I do find it helps to turn the source volume high in order to have the phone volume quite low.

  hzhzhz 23:09 06 Mar 2006

" in order to have the phone volume quite low".

Headphone volume that is.

  terendak_uk 08:47 07 Mar 2006

Is that the noise yours makes? ;-)

I will try your suggestion. Very diappointed that there should be this "inherent" noise ( you seem to infer that it is in fact inherent?). It's not there on a well-tuned FM radio, if it's logical to draw the comparison. Not my area of grateful for anyone's expert explanations re this.
NB a friend has an IR pair and tells me he has no b'ground noise ( could be he's just used to it, of course)

  Mikè 11:37 07 Mar 2006

Try using the headphones with something other than the PC, this will prove where the problem lies.

  terendak_uk 11:53 07 Mar 2006


  Stuartli 13:04 07 Mar 2006

It sounds (no pun intended) as if the transmission of the signal to the headphones is not strong enough.

  terendak_uk 13:25 07 Mar 2006 does tho.....I have heard this sound before: due to attenuation of the signal, I believe? However, it's fully charged and it sits about two feet in front of me, on the CRT ( yes, I still have one of those!). I have moved away up to ten feet, in Line of sight,with no change.
Thanks for suggestion
Perplexed, soon to be apoplexed!

  Stuartli 13:38 07 Mar 2006

Attenuation means that the signal strength has been reduced...:-)

It's normally applied if, for instance, a TV signal is too strong.

  terendak_uk 15:24 07 Mar 2006

I will "experiment" some more tonight

  Koochy 16:18 07 Mar 2006

It may help if you move the transmitter away from your crt as they can play havvock with wireless devices i couldn't use use my wireless keyboard/mouse if the base unit to close to the crt.

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