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  Boy Zone 18:55 08 Nov 2003

Hi to you out there,

I'm now in the start of what could be long process, creating my own web page.
I'm using Dreamweaver MX, so that should be a challenge.
I want the index page to have a picture image of our family. I used Photoshop to create image profile, and colourisation which went ok, the image size is 800 W by 750 H(pixels), file size is 24k.
The problem I have when I preview this in exployer 6 there is a margin on the right hand side, which does not look good.I didn't want to place buttons other than on the image itself.
Can you help?

  Jarvo 20:13 08 Nov 2003

Are you viewing with a resalution of 1024 x 768? If so your background is 200 pix short on width, and the same for anyone viewing on this resalution.
you need to design your site so it can be viewed at popular resalutions.A sugestion would be center the image and place on a nutral background so will cover all screen widths from 800 pix up to the size of the background.

  Boy Zone 21:41 08 Nov 2003

Thanks for this very useful info. Yes I do use 1024 res.
So from what you are saying the majority use 800 res, am I correct in this assumption?
I did correct my image to 1024 to fill the entire screen, which was ok for me, but as you say would NOT be viewable to everyone.

Is there a web site that I can review, to use free page templates? The site that I have looked at all charge.

Thanks for your input, I can see I have a long way to go.

  Jarvo 22:37 08 Nov 2003

Welcome to the big learning curve you will have fun! In answer your question it is imposable to say which res is the most popular due to the number of older computers which are conected to the net, but if you design to suit both 800x600 and 1024x768 you will have a site that will suit most viewers. I would not bother with templates most forum users will tell you half the fun is designing your own and you certanly learn a lot more that way. If you want a little guidence on bulding websites to suit many viewers and browsers, there is a link to download my uni assignment on web design, on the contacts page on the site I created for my assesment. The design principles are the same for dreamwever as html so dont get to worryed about learning code.

Have fun


  Jarvo 22:39 08 Nov 2003

Sorry to much red wine!
link click here


  slowhand_1000 18:41 09 Nov 2003

Why not carry on at 1024 res if you prefer that but have the page centred. So at 1024 there will be a small margin either side. But when viewed at 800 the page will fill the screen.

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