Background colours

  surfer47 22:23 06 Mar 2010

I have inadvertantly changed the background colours, when I open Calender in IE8 the current is highlighted by a colour, the one I have picked is too faint and I can't remember how I did it. Can anyone tell me how to put them back?

  six-h 23:23 06 Mar 2010

Just had a play around and found this which explains: - click here
Might give it a try myself!

  johnnyrocker 23:39 06 Mar 2010

worth a go, one could always use system restore if it goes pear shaped.


  six-h 01:27 07 Mar 2010

My previous post refers to changes to the Outlook Calender.
Must stop this speedreading!
Unaware of a calender function in IE8 sorry :o(

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