background colour missing

  Elwell 00:07 02 Mar 2006

I assign a background colour (using Dreamweaver)to a page but viewed in a browser it doesn't appear - in Firefox or IE and same when page uploaded. All I get is the default white. I can only think that I have changed a setting somewhere on my machine but don't know what. By the way the page source shows the colour code ok. Hopefully its a simple problem. Any help would be appreciated.

  AndySD 04:04 02 Mar 2006

Can you put a link to the page.

  Elwell 12:53 02 Mar 2006

click here

We've only just started on the website so we are learning as we go but we are sure the page is ok. The background should be a light yellow but on my machine I see white.(On a friends machine it is yellow.) Its the same on Firefox and IE so I'm assuming its peculiar to my machine's settings. there is a table but As I say the page is ok on the other machine.

  Elwell 15:31 02 Mar 2006


I've cleared out the temp files etc but all I see is definitely white. Its affecting both browsers so I thought it might be useful to change the monitor colour profile but no good. I must have changed a setting somewhere but I'm a bit lost now.

  beynac 16:04 02 Mar 2006

I can't see anything wrong with the page. Have you tried changing the colour to something bolder (e.g.dark blue)to see if that works on your machine?

I don't know of any settings you can change that will get rid of the background colour.

  Elwell 17:34 02 Mar 2006

I have changed the colour but still doesn't work. I downloaded Opera and lo and behold it worked. I got the yellow. So I uninstalled Firefox, cleaned out the registry, temp files etc and then reinstalled it. Didn't work.

  ade.h 18:33 02 Mar 2006

Aquarobics, John?

Is that aerobics, but in a swimming pool?


Anyway, back on topic; works fine for me as well, using Firefox.

  Elwell 19:24 02 Mar 2006

I have checked the 'choose' option in Firefox options and have done the equivalent in IE. Still no good. Opera is beginning to look like my new browser.

  Elwell 19:31 02 Mar 2006

Found an article tucked away on the Mozilla site. The answer was to open control panel on windows...accessibility options....display....uncheck use high contrast.

Thanks for everyones' help

  ade.h 20:28 02 Mar 2006

That's an obscure one! I'll have to remember that.

  beynac 22:35 02 Mar 2006

I got the same black background and large fonts. If you click on 'Settings' you get a large choice of different formats. I tried a few and my website looked awful in all of them! I haven't looked into it but the stylesheet is certainly not working properly.

Perhaps this is something that needs to be looked into further when designing websites.

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