backdoor/subseven trojan horse problem

  no1ghoul 18:53 07 Dec 2003

I have norton firewall installed and thank god i seem to be getting hit on a semi-regular basis with the backdoor/subseven trojan horse attack norton stops it and blocks the ip for half hour so im not worried about the affects of the trojan im more concerned that i keep getting hit by it and wondered is this normal or am i the victim of a sustained attack from some-one in particular.

Thanx in advance for any reassurance you can give me.


  pc moron 19:41 07 Dec 2003

If you have Norton Personal Firewall 2002 and Win XP then don't worry.

I used to get the very same warning all the time and when I traced it I found it was just my PC "handshaking" with my ISP.

  mimo 19:43 07 Dec 2003

hi you im constantly being scanned for the presence of the backdoor least once a week norton warns of a possible attack,you get use to it after a while.when this happens i add the ip address to the blocked pc yet norton hasnt let me you this concerned me but i have confidence in nis....all i can suggest is that your virus definitions are up to date,and scanning your pc at least once a more point,i have nis 2003 with a tracker option.when activated i can obtain details of the attacker..i hope this was of help.mimo

  no1ghoul 19:53 07 Dec 2003

You really have set my mind at ease. I have kept my firewall up to date and my anti-virus too and I also use XP. No offence but it's nice to now I am not the only one to get this attack fairly regularly and that I do have the correct tools to negate it.
Once again thanx guys I have ticked this as resolved and shall treat it as such.

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