vienna1981 10:05 19 May 2003

Hi when I switched on my Pc today this virus was found and so I scanned the infected file and deleted it. But I'm not sure what this virus actually does, can anyone tell me? Also the file infected was C:\WINDOWS\xpdq.exe do I need this file. Now when I start windows (98se) up it says it cant find the file, i've unchecked the 4 boxes related to this file in msconfig so how do I stop windows looking for it on start up?
I've also received an email in my junk mail folder in hotmail supposedly from [email protected], but all it says is that all the info is in the attached file and has a file attached called "_ref-394755.pif" should I open this? Thanks in advance for all help.

  graham√ 10:10 19 May 2003

Don't open it! Microsoft don't send Emails, it's a hoax that's been mentioned before. Do a virus scan immediately.

  vienna1981 10:14 19 May 2003

what about he virus that was on my PC? what type of damage can it do? I cannot get onto the live support section of my antivirus software provider (AVX not called BitDefender)

  vienna1981 10:14 19 May 2003

sorry NOW called BItdefender

  AndySD 10:47 19 May 2003

Use The Cleaner click here and see what it says.

  AndySD 10:48 19 May 2003

Use The Cleaner click here and see what it says.

  tenaka 11:17 19 May 2003

Sub7 is a trojan used to remotely control your PC. Some use it on their friends to eject the cd-rom tray, or if they aren't good friends, to power down your pc whilst you are in the middle of using it. The worst type of person will be using it to obtain useful information such as your ISP details or other information they can obtain from your PC.

It usually gets on your system because someone attached it to an exe file you got from somewhere and ran.

It's always recommended that you have a good virus checker installed, running and regularly updated.

There is more information available on the sub7 trojan on the various anti-virus sites but the information tends to be a little more "clinical" than what i've written here. The information they do have should help you find the other references to the file at startup however.

  vienna1981 12:57 19 May 2003

If I've deleted the infected file will the cleaner be of any use? Plus its only a 30-day trial. Does anyone know how I can get rid of the box at the startup saying it cant find the affected file?

  vienna1981 13:00 19 May 2003

Unfortunately my brother was the last person to use my PC before the virus appeared and he's denied downloading or saving any exe files, so I can't work out where it came from.

  AndySD 13:26 19 May 2003

Its great as a one off check. Try it.

  jeez 14:25 19 May 2003

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