Backdoor.Bandock mcafee & spyware doc probs

  talisker 23:03 05 Mar 2009

Detected Backdoor.Bandock on Spyware Doctor (as a "high" threat) but not on McAfee Security Centre. When removed by S/ware Doc, red "no protection" warning on McAfee which wouldnt fix ("errors"). The locations supposedly infected all had Mcafee in the name. With Mcafee help, un and reinstalled, ran both scans again - same thing happens. Only way to keep McAfee protection now is to keep S/ware doc closed.Several things. Is this infection real? How serious? are the two things merely incompatible? Why isnt McAfee picking this up? Can anyone help please, and how do I get rid of this? Sorry, bit of a mouthful, but appreciate some help - both companies not a lot of help so far.Thanks

  birdface 09:04 06 Mar 2009

Maybe download and run Malwarebytes free version and see if that picks it up.It is more likely to be picked up by Spyware Doctor than McAfee.

  moore_t1 11:37 06 Mar 2009

I have the exact same problem. Will let you know if I get it sorted

  talisker 11:50 06 Mar 2009

Thanks, will do likewise, am awaiting useful help from both Mcafee and Spyware Doctor. Have sent files to SD, McAfee are trying to say SD is incompatable, even though its not on the list (dont have the antivirus which is listed.)Are also, distubingly, selling the line that because they havent picked it up then its not harmful and nothing to worry about. Hmmm. Will share info as soon as I get it

  moore_t1 13:53 07 Mar 2009

Yeah, thats what Mcafee told me. They said it was a false positive being caused by the latest upgrade to PC tools. The only option was to uninstall pc tools sd.

Not sure I am convinced too but the anti spyware in mcafee should pick anything up (i hope!)

  birdface 14:49 07 Mar 2009

[the anti spyware in mcafee should pick anything up] No, That is why most of us have 2 or 3 Anti-Spyware programs on our computer.
No 1 security Suite will pick everything up.

  Mick54 15:08 07 Mar 2009

Hiya, I had massive problems with Spyware Doctor. It slowed down my pc to a crawl. As suggested above try Malaware bytes program, it is free. I took out Spyware Doctor and installed Spybot search and Destroy. It works fantastic. Does not slow down pc at all. It is also free. Good Luck. Mick.

  talisker 01:22 28 Mar 2009

Anyone managed to sort this out? Mine seems worse. SDoc say false +ve and run smart update. Done this, no difference, except now just running SD alongside mcafee without even scanning, get red cross "unprotected" warning on mcafee. Have to close SD, reboot and then get normal green "protected" tick on mcafee.Guess need to give SD the boot and replace with other spyware? Also occaisionally get red warning with mcafee which wont fix, because of "error". If reboot its ok - any views on this one?

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